Ten Terrific Things Thursday – TTTT #15

At long last another TTTT!  “Hurrah” scream all my fans!

(thanks you two)

I got to post #14  (140 terrific things – that’s a lot of awesomeness!) but then totally ceased with my weekly posts. Those Thursdays seemed to come around more and more quickly, and I found it hard to get interesting photos, think of clever things to say and feel motivated to write while building for worlds and at the end of the race season.

But enough excuses. On to this week’s TTTTs!

1) Random bike art. I love riding my bicycle and appreciate cool, artistic, bikey things like…


and… (painted on a freeway overpass)

2)  The fact that my twitter friends can have a great debate about the spelling of the iconic Canadian winter hat. I’ve always known this  key element of my wardrobe as a toque, but apparently the French Canadian spelling is tuque… and since it’s a French word… and more Google images show up when you use tuque… I may have to modify my spelling. It does kind of wreck the brilliant idea for a photo that I’ve had by a sign for the Toquerville cemetery, though. It’s a small town that we often ride through in Utah, and the sign cracks me up. Is that guy wearing a tuque?!

earflap toque

The classic knit, ear-flap tuque

fisherman toque

If this had no logo, I’d call it a fisherman tuque. If it had a bobble on top, it would definitely not be a fisherman tuque.

Toquerville Cemetery Sign.

‘You mean I’m wearing a tuque, not a toque!?!”

3) This video. I don’t approve of “road rage”, I think we all just need to chill out, be courteous to other drivers and realize that losing 30 sec here and there is really nothing to freak out about. That said, we’ve all been angered by jerks on the road, and this video is quite satisfying. The music and the little arrows are perfect!

4) Not having owned TV for the past 6 years or so.  Yes there are some cool, informative, entertaining shows but the majority is total garbage and the commercials hurt my brain. There is a TV in our rental, and I was pretty stoked that the original Star Wars was on, until I starting taking commercial vs. actual show time splits. The average was 9 min of show (ranged from 6-12) with 6 min (always at least 6) of commercials! That’s ridiculous!!   I realize that it’s generally considered pretty terrifically lame to be all like “I don’t watch TV”, and I admit to wasting plenty of time on the internet.  Still, I’m pretty happy with the hours of my life I’ve spent doing other things and I recommend you do the following:

kill you tv

tv pic

5) This meme. Brilliant.

6) Floor space. While we love our RV and the ease that a home on wheels lends to our life, it sure is nice to have a bit more (indoor) open area on which to sprawl after hard workouts and to use for rolling out our legs.  We are at a training camp in San Diego for a month and are sharing the spacious, (white!) carpeted area with 3 other squad mates. This also helps us appreciate our RV life 🙂  I have to say, though, that even with the grumpiness that hard training brings, the guys are being pretty terrific. I haven’t even had to hide in my room very often!


7) Maru the cat.  We love cats (we miss Manah SO much), and this cat has a pretty terrific obsession with boxes. If you are one of the few people that haven’t enjoyed “A box and Maru” video, you’re welcome.

8) Apple pie and ice cream – Bonk Breaker Style.  Oh yeah.


This is clearly my dessert because the amount of ice cream is wholly inadequate for it to be a Trevor worthy treat

9) COFFEE! If this has been on a TTTT before, it deserves to be here again. Coffee is magic “make me actually able to cope with all the training I have to do today” juice.  One of our new squad-mates swears by Dunkin Doughnuts coffee. We try not to hold this against him.

IMGP7627 (1024x768)

10) Chemistry cat memes. Oh yes, you can satisfy your science geek side, and guffaw-guffaw-cheezy-joke-side, and be a crazy cat person all at once! woot!

cat meme chemistry

~ by trevorandheather on December 6, 2012.

6 Responses to “Ten Terrific Things Thursday – TTTT #15”

  1. Hey T & H..check out this bike art. http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151259029882789&set=a.10150276181237789.346459.75015082788&type=1&comment_id=8462653

  2. 🙂 k thanks for the cat video.

  3. Glad to see TTTT’s are back. Always good. And love the bike art, especially the freeway graffiti. cheers.

  4. I was going to make a joke about sodium and hydrogen, but NaH!


  5. Where did you find that art print of the lungs? love it!

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