Ten Terrific Things Thursday – TTTT #14

This Thursday’s Ten Terrific Things = reasons why living out of a 23 ft RV mostly doesn’t suck. Enjoy!

1) Your home goes where you go, which leads to fun adventures and training in incredible scenery like…

2) When you go grocery shopping, the food goes directly from your cart to the cupboards/fridge. I don’t have a picture of this so more cool scenery:

3) We have picnics outside almost every day, and when we eat inside we don’t have to get up to get utensils.

Note the sneaky, toast licking, cat

4) When you stop at a rest stop on a long drive, you get to have a good sleep in your own bed. You have a very cozy, albeit smallish, bed. Occasionally goats stop by.

5) When you go lake swimming you can get naked and change in the privacy of your own home, right before jumping in the water. Same goes with drying off and changing after swimming. Sometimes, you even get to stop at hot springs (clothing optional after 9pm)

6) You can drive to lots of races. You don’t have to take your bikes apart, and you know that everything you need for racing is with you. Somewhere. You can also do point to point rides and make forward progress to your destination, while training.

7) You don’t have to drink horrible coffee while traveling because you can make your own espresso wherever you go

This was taken before we were sponsored by Tifosi. We have much cooler shades now 🙂

8) You get to see stuff like this outside your window

9) RV’s are most comfortable between 10-35 oC or (~55-95 oF). These are also the best temps for triathlon training! BONUS. Having to have the AC blasting is our least favorite. Waking up to negative temps and having to wear mittens to eat hot oatmeal (propane stove!) is good for you every now and then.

10) You have the coolest camper-cat in the universe. She loves to hang-out outside, never strays far, and always sleeps in incredibly comfortable looking positions.

Okay so I take a lot of pictures of our cat…

~ by trevorandheather on August 30, 2012.

10 Responses to “Ten Terrific Things Thursday – TTTT #14”

  1. I have always, ALWAYS wanted to properly live out of a motor vehicle. I did so out of hatchback for 3 months while traveling the US, but obviously couldn’t sleep inside.
    This is the next great adventure, for sure.

  2. Love the pictures…. you both have seen some beautiful places. I would also love to live out of an RV. We did something like that this summer with the minivan, but no where near the level of commitment of you and Trevor!

  3. TLC (Toast Licking Cat) for the win!!

    WPG (Window Perving Goat) a close second.

    Come do Challenge Penticton with us next year. Itsa gonna bea awesome!

    And come a little earlier to check out the Apple Tri. We have outdoor sprinkler-shower-thingies for athletes now!

  4. Camper Cat is AWESOME!!!!!!

  5. Gorgeous photos! I’ll be traveling to my next triathlon (Nautica Malibu international distance) with a travel trailer and camping with the whole family. From the campground they will be able to watch me ride by on Pacific Coast Highway.

  6. ok, i m quitting my job for real, i need a Rv, those are awesome pictures!!! but i dont think my cat is smart enough to come along….

  7. Is it wrong that I now was to sell everything and move my family of 5 (plus 2 dogs) into an RV?

  8. Thoughts on your espresso machine? Like it or love it? How hard is it to clean. And would you still use it if you weren’t living RV style?

    • Hi Tiffany,

      Yeah, we love it. We used this type of machine even before we lived in an RV. Works on any stove element. Relatively cheap, makes great, strong coffee. We usually add a bit of almond milk to make it more like a Latte. Easy to add water to make it as strong/weak as you like. We love strong coffee so will sometimes just drink it straight up like an espresso. Double bonus you go through 75% less coffee beans than you do with a drip coffee.


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