Timberman 70.3 – A win for Heather

I am very happy to have taken home my first 70.3 win.  “It’s about time” as my rather frank loved ones would say 🙂  I’ve won 1/2 iron distance events before, and I’ve done A LOT of Ironman branded 70.3s, but the big W has eluded me until now. YAY for the 2012 Timberman 70.3!

Here is a little run-down on the day:

The swim was VERY warm with long, shallow shores and lots of dolphin diving. I was quite overheated with the wetsuit legal call, but fortunately the air was cool enough that I was able to cool down, shrug off my mediocre swim, and get down to business. My ride legs felt great, and after I realized that the watts I was staring at were my average watts, not current watts  (must have hit the toggle button on my power meter) I felt even better.

I was off the front in the first few miles and it was a lonely road from then on, with only the occasional slower pro male swimmer riding by. The far turn was a large loop so you couldn’t eve get a glimpse of the ladies behind.  I just rode my watts, and was happy to hear from some splits c/o Chris Corbin, and others that my gap was getting bigger. Chris was nice enough to tell me times to the chasers, but nice enough to Linsey to not inform me who the second and third place people were. Well played!

On to the run I was happy to have a significant gap, because I knew I would need it to hold of Linsey and Caitlin. I felt pretty good, and just tried to keep my turnover up, and remember that I was running a HALF and it needed to hurt the whole time. Pacing is one of my strong suits, which really helps in full IMs, but I have to work to not be a total mono-speeder and get my butt in gear!

At the far turn on the second (final) loop of the run I still had a good gap (~ 2 min) on both chasers- Caitlin was just passing Linsey as I went the other way.

“Keep the pressure on”, “turnover”, “no one is catching you” = the general jist of all that ran thru my head on the little over 5 km to the finish. Thanks to Joe Gambles for yelling at me to keep it up in that “you can do better than that tone” that is very motivating coming from the dude running a 1:13 and killing the mens race.

With 1/2 a mile to go I asked my lead cyclist if she saw anyone behind. She was very friendly and helpful (calling for people to cheer, move over etc) but she wasn’t very good at riding and looking over her shoulder.

givin’er / panic face

I didn’t want to look behind me because, well, I didn’t want to slow down (enter visions of tripping over my own feet and falling down), nor show that I was concerned if someone had me in her sights.  So I  specifically said “just look behind quick for a lead cyclist like you.”

“OH” she responds, rather nonchalantly “there is actually one like 50 yards back”. WHAT!?!?  Panic. I just gunned it with all I had left.  Crisp clear thoughts = “HELL NO” followed by the “need the info” and “throw me a frikin’ bone here” from Austin Powers 🙂  I did not want this to end with a sprint on the un-even grass finish-chute. Had I not asked, Cait would have snuck right up on me!  In a replay of Kona last year, I couldn’t even slow down to enjoy the finish chute b/c Caitlin was right on my heels. Whew!

Relief, elation, the win.

We had a bit of time after the finish and drug testing before the awards at 4 (where I got a maple syrup trophy!!), so I went back to the hotel to shower, chill, and get on the computer to get in touch with Trevor, Paulo etc.

As if I needed help to look even more “lanky” – Caitlin has one of the quickest turnovers of any runner I’ve ever seen, and makes running ridiculously fast look effortless.

On the way in, the friendly front desk ladies of the Gunstock Inn asked how the race went. When they found out that I won, and that Joe Gambles (who was staying in the room opposite mine) was the male winner – well, they were pretty excited! By the time I went back out to get some food, a poster was up in the lobby, the pro finish times printed off with ours highlighted, and the billboard outside was up! Very nice touch Gunstock Inn! Definitely the place to stay if you do a race in that area of New Hampshire (there is also a 25y pool and workout room on site, a good free breakfast, and Chrissie Wellington stayed there too, if you need more reasons).

Thanks to all my fantastic sponsors for enabling me to get after my training day-in-day-out, and to race with the confidence that comes from having the best equipment.

I got to stop by Saucony headquarters on my way to this race, and it was awesome to see behind the scenes and see how keen everyone was for athlete feedback. They have made a huge difference for us this year, and we couldn’t be prouder to represent Saucony.

Thanks also to The Triathlon Squad and coach Paulo. His guidance has been key to our continuing improvement, and we ar excited to see what the can do at the 70.3 and IM World Champion

~ by trevorandheather on August 22, 2012.

6 Responses to “Timberman 70.3 – A win for Heather”

  1. Follow your race results with with interest and congratulations on your great day! MIght actually beat my husband at IMC this weekend: I’m 2/2 at the half-iron distance on him this season but am not sure with the long swim/bike splits that I can make up the difference on the run. Wish me luck!

  2. Way to go cousin! I’m so proud of you and Trevor and how well you two have been doing. Please let us know the next time you’re in Vernon, and we’d love to have you over.

    We’re going to watch the Penticton Ironman this coming weekend as my brother-in-law is racing, and I wish you were going to be there. But you deserve a rest after such a great win!

  3. Awesome trophy! Congrats on the win! And thanks for the tri suit! Good luck to you and Trevor in Vegas!… We’ll be watching! 🙂

  4. Way to go, Heather! Great job!

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