Ten Terriffic Things Thursday – TTTT #13

In celebration of how great it is to be back home, training hard, in the Okanagan, this week’s Ten Terrific Things are dedicated home.

1) Loonies, Toonies, and different coloured money (and spelling with more “u”s).  I like that I don’t have to come up with a special container to keep a small amount of cash dry while I’m riding. Cashiers tend to recoil at sweat-soaked  dollar bills, and there have been numerous times in the US where I was near tears b/c all I needed was a drink from a vending machine but the damn thing kept spitting my dollar bills back out. Toonies have a much lower rejection rate! And it’s also makes for fun surprises. E.x.: “Crap! I only have change. No wait, I have $12… in change” 🙂

2) The Okanagan Valley. We are from an incredibly beautiful part of the world, and it is way too easy to take that for granted. We take pictures when we travel, but often fail to do so at home! Tisk tisk. Here are some from a recent ride we did, from Kelowna to Vernon and back.  Note the vineyards, and cherry/apple orchards in many shots.. YES we grow these things, IN CANADA 😉

3) Silver Hills Gluten Free Bread. It’s made in the interior of BC, it tastes GOOD, and you can get 2 for $7.00 at Costco.

4) This conversation between Trevor and a lady who was admiring our bikes at a water stop during our ride today:

Lady: “So are you sponsored by Blue?”

Trevor: “Ya we are.  Have you heard of them?”

Lady: “Are you kidding me? I love their beer! Do you get free beer?”

5) George Strombolopolous. He hosts a very good show where he interviews interesting people and asks intelligent, insightful questions. I am always happy to get back the land of CBC and Strombo. Here is a funny clip where Allan Hawco explains some “Newfie speak” to him.

6) Kalamalka Lake. Okanagan Lake. The fact that we are surrounded by huge, gorgeous, natural lakes with clean clear water and best of all – open water swimming (and sometimes tubing)!!

7) Goon. It was pretty vulgar, with lots of swearing, but it was also a hilarious parody of minor league hockey, and the main character was fantastic. A must watch for Canadian Hockey fans – unless of course you are offended by vulgarity, swearing and fisticuffs.

8) Coffee. BC’s independent coffee shops are the bomb. We like really rich, dark coffee and not having to order an americano with 2 extra shots, or a shot in the dark (coffee with added espresso) to make it taste good is very refreshing. In Kelowna, we are big fans of Jo Bud’s Coffee House off of Lakeshore.

9) Mission Creek Greenway. Just a 5 min run from my parent’s house, this recreational area that follows Mission Creek for over 16 km is a runner’s paradise! The path is wide and multi-use for 13 km (marked every 0.5 km) then it becomes a bit more gnarly with stairs, and some good ups and downs at higher elevation.

10) The humour that comes with debit cards! For you US folks – we have different cards for Credit vs. Debit in Canada. It totally freaked me out when I got a US Visa/debit card and I could buy things with the same card without having to sign OR punch in a PIN code. Weird. Some have chips that you need to insert into the card reader, some you swipe… and well they never seem to be intuitive 🙂

~ by trevorandheather on July 26, 2012.

3 Responses to “Ten Terriffic Things Thursday – TTTT #13”

  1. #7 the guy on the poster kinda looks like johnny

    #10 the chip card thing is a total pita everytime i pull out a yankee credit card, they always seem so confused as to what to do!

  2. Gotta love being Canadian, eh!

  3. Team! Thanks for posting photos of your home town… you’re right, tisk tisk!

    More photos!!!

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