Ten Terrific Things Thursday – TTTT #12

While my race at the European championships – IM Frankfurt – this past Sunday was one of the less terrific days I’ve had, and two Sunday’s before that (IM CdA), left me totally heartbroken, I still must say that when it all comes down to it, life is pretty damn terrific!!

I enjoyed Scott Jurek’s book “Eat and Run” on the flight over to Germany, and he says it well with “whether you get what you want isn’t what defines you. It’s how you go about your business”.  I’m trying to go about mine by accentuating the positives, looking at challenges as new opportunities, and remembering the big picture.

Yeaaah, I’ll ease up on the barfy, self-help, mantras from here on in, but it’s good to be reminded that the wonderful things in my life far far outweigh the disappointments.

To start my list of Ten Terrific Things this Thursday we have:

1) My Birthday! It’s my birthday today, and I am SO glad to be spending it with my family at home in the Okanagan. My brother Jeff, his wife Kathleen, and their 3 aweseome kids, Abbey, Sadie and Isaac drove out from Ottawa for 6 weeks out west this summer.  Kids that are like “YAY, it’s AUTIE HEATHER!!” everytime they see you = excellent self esteem boost!  I am having a great time playing.


2) A truncated race report from IM Germany… ready GO:

Swim fine, 50 min, close to the leaders. Boiling hot 24oC water with wetsuits. Worst ride EVER. No legs. Watts lower than most easy training rides. Swallowed my pride, tried to push thru the suck. Got passed by everyone. Must finish. Poured rain. Lots of crashes. Windy. Cleared up for run. Amazing spectators. Still no legs. Two porta-potty stops. Lots of cobbles which were tough to run on. Lots of people to dodge/chase on 4 loop course. Finally the finish shoot. No idea of my placing. The end.
Garbage bins full of ice to stand in, and athlete showers = bonus.



3) IM Germany as a race venue! This was the most logistically complex, yet well organized race I’ve ever done. ALL roads were completely closed, yet all the little towns had huge crowds of people out cheering, even in the pouring rain. There were cobbles, short climbs where people in devil costumes chased you up, Tour de France style, and crowds 10 people thick on the sides of the road. It was all incredibly impressive and I hope Trevor and I can both do more races in Europe next summer.



4) First Class flights! I was in first class on the way back from Frankfurt and I must say: WOW! I thought, okay, a bigger seat will be awesome, but this one let me fully lie down and stretch out. There was an 5 course meal with selections paired with wine, caviar, grilled fish with rice, swiss chard… a holder beside my seat for a rose. Endless sparkling water. It was mega deluxe. I had to laugh thinking of this skit from Brian Regan though. “Somebody bring me a goblet of something cool and refreshing!” 🙂

5) The European pre-race dress code, which = “who gives a shit?”. Full body compression tights/top at breakfast? No problem. 3 meals a day wearing various forms of spandex? Whatever.  It’s different than the tri peeps geeking out at home, where you feel like “tisk tisk, please, wear some normal clothes”.  Here I saw everything, and there was really the vibe that no one cared. Little kids swim naked in public pools, run naked thru sprinklers in public parks, and women go topless at the beach, so there is just more acceptance of the human body in general. I definitely dig it.

half naked kids playing in puddles – love how easy it is for kids to have fun!

6) A cool editorial article on the Wurteles in Triathlon Magazine Canada!


7) Cute thank-you cards from 9 yr olds. Kestrelle was monkeying around doing rather impressive acrobatics in a tree by our RV in Coeur d”Alene. She fell far and hard, smashing her little noggin on the asphalt. I gave her some Aqua Spehere K180’s (both her and her sister Sierra are pretty stellar athletes) and she wrote me this card as thanks:


8) Good Books. These are two of my recent favorites:


9) Canadian Long Distance Triathlete of 2011 Award.


10) Nature documentaries. I loved watching nature shows when I was a kid. I had a VHS tape of a National Geographic program called “Seasons in the Sea” that I would watch over and over. This mockumentary about “The Magestic Plastic Bag” is very well done.  Especially the earnestness of the announcer. Watch to encounter one of nature’s deadliest killers: the Teacup Yorkie:

~ by trevorandheather on July 12, 2012.

4 Responses to “Ten Terrific Things Thursday – TTTT #12”

    Thanks for another great TTTT!

    P.s. I hope you do IM 70.3 Calgary, if you do you always have a place to stay! 😉

    Love, Seaera

  2. Happy Birthday Heather..in your post you sound happy!

  3. Heather, I really enjoy these TTTT entries; yours is a contagiously sunny outlook! 🙂 Keep up the good work, you have lots of great races ahead of you!

  4. Frankfurt accomplished what it was intended to accomplish…..you earned your kona spot the hard way. BUT YOU DID IT! Proud of your guts and determination! Onward and upward! Rest, recover, and ready yourself for the next challenge.

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