How to ride a bike in your wetsuit – Boise 70.3, 2012

A week late on this.  We’ve been quite busy.  Busy enough that Heather even had to skip her TTTT post.  After the race in Boise I drove back to The Triathlon Squad camp for a couple days in Saint George.  Smashed myself back into fatigue zone while packing up to leave for a couple months.  Heather and I then drove up to Coeur d’Alene where she’s racing the Ironman on the 24th.  Finally, one week later we’ve got an evening on the computer.  Ahhhhh, life is normal again. 🙂

Anyway….’Boise 70.3 minus 41.2′.  Some of you already know they shortened the ride to 15 miles due to cold, wind, and rain.  I also heard it was partly because some of the volunteers were just up and leaving their post.  Fair enough, it wasn’t a nice day and you can’t exactly force a volunteer to stick it out in weather like that.

There’s some great banter going on about this race on the Slowtwitch forum.  To be honest I haven’t even read any of it, I just heard from a friend about the folks spouting off about how wimpy it is to wear a wetsuit during the bike leg of a triathlon.  I just have to laugh. Think what you want, I’m sure most of the negative comments were coming from people who weren’t actually at the race anyway. First and foremost, it’s a race, and for me and 5 other guys in the Pro field (including the winner of the day, Matty Reed) it was the fastest option to get from point A to point B.

I have no doubt I would have been slower on both the bike and run had I tried to ‘man up’ and ride in 40-45F and raining, downhill, after swimming in a 55 degree lake.  In my mind, it was the best decision.

Oh, and sorry FinisherPix for not paying $28 per photo.  That’s crazy.  I’d have paid $13.50 if that helps price your future photos. 😛

Just a quick run down here, I won’t go into crazy detail about the race.  I had a solid day finishing 5th in a race format that doesn’t play into my strengths 100%.   Take out 40 miles of the bike ride and that leaves a lot of people with fresh legs for a faster than normal run.  I like to believe that one of my strengths is being able to run fast off of a hard bike, but even today my 1:11:58 was certainly faster than what I would have done with a full length ride in there.  I was happy with that run, only Matt Reed ran faster, and happy with the ride, but still rather annoyed with my swim.  I finished 2 minutes and 40 seconds off the win, but lost 3 minutes and 10 seconds in that first 25 minutes.  THAT is freaking ridiculous.  I’m hoping some more hard work, extensive lake swimming, and 50 meter pool time up in the Okanagan will help save me bit of time in the water. I’ll need it for IM New York City this coming August.

Boise is a cool race.  It has had it’s fair share of weather issues over the past 5 years, but I’ll definitely be back.

~ by trevorandheather on June 17, 2012.

4 Responses to “How to ride a bike in your wetsuit – Boise 70.3, 2012”

  1. eh, that wetsuit looks pretty aero too! I’m with you Trev..its a race and one should throw out any conventions on what people ‘should wear’ and focus on what it takes to win it. Nice job!

  2. Boise 2012 with those temperatures was destined to be a race of attrition. Conditions like that means being creative to survive and succeed. I applaud the ingenuity of those wearing wetsuits on the shortened bike course. Wouldn’t have worked at the full distance but definitely a smart idea for the time & place!

  3. That was an epic experience for sure Thankfully I have enough body fat so I didn’t wear the wetsuit on the bike ;), but it sure was fun running the entire half marathon with feet that felt like frozen bricks of ice. This is just my extra-curricular activity; I applaud you guys that are racing for a living!

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