Ten Terrific Things Thursday – TTTT #8

Grump. Feed before approaching.

I am deep into a big training block for Ironman Coeur d’Alene and that means I am often tired and grumpy. Add a few stupid drivers to a hard ride, a Triathlon Squad-mate with testicular cancer, news about ridiculous politics like bills designed to remove environmental legislation and force a pipeline thru BC, and you pretty much have a recipe for Heather hating the world in general. This is when TTTTs are extra good for me. We really do lead incredible lives, filled with wonderful people, and much to be thankful for. So to start, the first terrific thing this week is:

1) Thoughtful people. The staff at the Washington Community Recreation Centre here in Utah are all incredibly awesome. Tammy – who we see at the front desk, and often in the pool, is always a smiling face when we come to train. We’ve shared lots of good laughs (and some tears, like when I got to talk to her son that was calling from military service in Iraq).  She surprised us yesterday with a super amazing Ironman Quilt! My favourite colour is blue, Trev’s is orange (the backing) and there are awesome little touches like “strong and free” from the Canadian toques she saw us wearing all winter, or “living the dream” stitched on as well. This incredibly thoughtful gift, from out of the blue, for no special occasion, was very very touching. Thanks Tammy for making our lives better!



2) Ryder Hesjedal! 31 yr old, former mountain biker from BC (home sweet home) leading the Giro d’Italia for 2 days! Woot! Never before in the 102 year history of the corsa rosa, has a Canadian been in the lead. Way to go Ryder! Oh, and here is a picture of Trevor racing Ryder in the late 90’s when they were both juniors. Neat eh?



3) Mighty Jerome. An excellent documentary about the 1960’s track star Harry Jerome. He was one of Canada’s finest athletes, who overcame tragic failures, misunderstandings, and horrible injury to finally win Gold in the Olympics. Inspiring stuff!

4) The Triathlon Squad’s new webpage! Thanks to Amanda Felder. Check it out!


5) Cool pictures. Not a caterpillar, and a mantis on two fiddleheads looking like our favourite vehicle


6) Cat vs. the internet. Here is our cat displaying her primary “um, pay attention to ME” technique (apart from lying directly on ones forearms). This comic from the Oatmeal sums it up nicely!  http://theoatmeal.com/comics/cat_vs_internet

7) Golden Corral. That’s right. You read that correctly. WE ARE NOT ASHAMED! All our cool, yuppie athlete friends that own Vitamixs and such, like to give us a hard time, but for $20 for two people, after training all day, you can get some really good food there. Ready NOW + excellent cost:food volume ratio = happy Wurteles. I had a giant salad, with beets, almonds, chick peas, carrots, broccoli etc.  Baked sweet potatoes, grilled squash, fish… (yes, there is also a ton of fried garbage but you don’t have to eat it!! and if you are engaged in a lively conversation with your husband, you don’t have to look at all the people eating the fried crap either)

8) Mobile Juicing. Kristen Wurtele – Trevor’s sister has an awesome new business. In addition to being a wicked ski instructor and climber, she now owns and operates a mobile apple juicing business (based out of Vernon, BC)!  Her clean, professional service provides you with a pasteurized, packaged product, ready for resale or personal use. The super cool, high-tech juicing machine is capable of processing 500 litres of apple juice per hour, equivalent to approximately 800 kilograms or 1760 pounds of apples. It is organic certified and uses a convenient Bag-in-Box packaging. Check it out:

9) The dude without front teeth that lives in Beaver Dam, AZ who I always see at one of my long ride water stops. He smokes, has a mullet, lots of tatoos, leathery skin – yet he’s friendly and inquisitive asking me things like “how much does one of them there bikes run ya?” laughing that it’s lots more than his truck and doesn’t even have a motor! He waves and shakes his head at my stupid past-time, but moves around nice and wide and slow when passing. Thanks man!

Not the real guy. Will have to get my picture taken with him one of these days!

10)  This video. Okay, not a fan of the sound-track, and Trevor said it’s a little slow (attention span issues?) but just watch it to the end. If you do not get seriously choked up at  3:55 well you are much less of a sentimental sucker than I am!  Words to remember: “Just because I can’t do it today, doesn’t mean I’m not going to be able to do it SOME day”.

~ by trevorandheather on May 17, 2012.

7 Responses to “Ten Terrific Things Thursday – TTTT #8”

  1. I look forwrad to these every week! Thanks Heather!!

  2. nice pause to my day. have plenty to be thankful for. sorry grumpy times. I thought all good things about you yesterday and your constant encouragement got me through my open water swim with minimal (oh my god what was that I am going to get eaten alive in the middle of this lake, just keep swimming…) moments.

  3. You guys rock 🙂

    And I’m coming out to BC in July so I share the hate for a pipeline being built across such a totally sick place.

  4. great peice H. Wish we where coming back to IMCDA this year. you are so going to smash it. Be safe out there!!

  5. Yeah! Thanks for this, amazing as usual! I’ve got a few boxes of juice with your name on them when you come back this way!! not to mention those two big chocolate bars i bought back from Switzerland – that will help with the ‘hangry’ moments too….

  6. Fantastic post! Best with continued success in triathlon training/racing! You two are awesome.

  7. That video is amazing!! Hopefully the 2 Danforth clans will meet up in BC this summer. Always love your Terrific Thursdays.

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