Ten Terrific Things Thursday – TTTT #7

I missed out on TTTT last week. Sorry. I know. You cried yourself to sleep last Thursday. There were plenty of terrific things to write about, but, alas, I didn’t manage to post on time.  50 lashes with a wet noodle for me.

Back for your reading pleasure, the terrific things for this week start out with… (drum roll please)…

1) The song “Everlasting Light” by the Black Keys. It has a great beat for running or riding the trainer. I had it on repeat for several runs this week. Thanks to Trevor’s race report I’ve had Hollaback Girl stuck in my head for the past two days (oh the agony!) so hopefully this will provide some relief to any other mind-worm sufferers out there.

2) Saucony Team Kit. It is pretty much impossible not to run fast when sporting flashy red, black and GOLD run kit. No, it’s not my blindingly white torso that I am trying to highlight, but the GOLD bands on my shorts. Heck ya. Going for the gold!!  Nice detail on the Fastwitch race kicks too! Winning!!


3) FOOD. Duh. I have yet to meet an athlete that doesn’t like food. Having to each so much of it can get annoying at times, but we persevere.  Big salads with Hemp Hearts, and a little frozen yogurt “waffle Wednesday” trip to Menchies were tops this week. Notice the look of pure joy on Trevor’s face.


4) Red Cliffs Desert Reserve. See pictures below. Ya, you get the idea. Hard to complain about miles of trails for gorgeous  running around here. I saw my first Desert Tortoise this week!



5) New Joule from CycleOps Power. Smaller, lighter, better buttons for toggling through screens. What’s not to love!?

6) Swimming memes. They’ve been on a TTTT before, but there are so many funny ones!


7) Magic Stuff. This topical ointment (made by an herbalist in St. George, UT) is one of the few out there that really makes a noticeable difference to muscle soreness and the aches/pains/inflammation that come with the whole training-full-time-for-triathlon thing. Definitely a must have.


8) Being a professional triathlete!! I went to school for a long time (plant physiology and molecular genetics) and this comic from PhD (piled higher and deeper) totally nails it! Ha. Glad I reached ‘acceptance and enlightenment’ living in an RV chasing my dream. With my husband to boot! Life is pretty good.

9) Brian Regan live at the outdoor amphitheatre tomorrow night in Ivins!!!  YES! This is going to be awesome.  We don’t get out much (especially after dark) and love stand-up comedy so it promises to be a fun night! Thanks first to my AStym guy for letting me know that the show was happening in the first place (I repeat, we don’t get out much) and for the awesome folks at AtoZion for helping us get our hands on some tickets!

10) Volunteers. People that happily and enthusiastically give there time to help other people are pretty terrific. I was again amazed by the community of volunteers here in St. George, Utah. I am SO thankful and I was glad I could go to the volunteer banquet this year to say so in person.  All of the events that we do in our careers as a triathlete wouldn’t happen without them!

~ by trevorandheather on May 10, 2012.

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