Ten Terrific Things Thursday – TTTT #6

Here is the 6th instalment of Ten Terrific Things Thursday for your reading pleasure:

1) MY HUSBAND!! He is terrific on a pretty regular basis, but this weekend at the New Orleans 70.3 he won his first big race as a pro, and finished it off with a 1:13:35 half marathon. Now THAT is pretty freaking awesome! His race report is below this post if you missed it.


2) Traumeel. This homeopathic cream is really great. It really helps inflammation and makes bruises go away much faster than they normally do. Comes in super handy when you do awesome things like crash your bike coming into T2 just seconds down from first in a big race…


3) TorHans Aero drink bottles. These are the most aero-dynamic front hydration systems out there (zero watts drag when I tested it in the wind tunnel this past summer) and they are easy to drink from and look cool. Check out our cool custom decals (this word is pronounced Deckl in Canadian by the way, none of this Dee-Cal business)


4) Signs with a sense of humour. This one was posted outside of the climbing wall at the Washington Community Rec Centre. Today I saw that the “No”s had all been rubbed off 🙂

5) This dude. That’s some serious flexibility and strength, and the skinny jeans actually work for him.

6) The French Quarter in New Orleans. Pretty neat area. We had some post race drinks at the Lafitte Blacksmith Bar (the oldest structure to be used as a bar in US – dating back to the  1720’s) and had a mega-delicious dinner at the Three Muses with some great people.


7) Goobers!! Ha ha ha. I’d never seen these before (found in New Orleans) and giggled like a little kid at the name b/c a goober is not a chocolate covered peanut, it’s… well it’s snot when you suck it back from your nose into a big slimy wad in your mouth. It’s also what we called someone who was being dorky and gross when we were kids “ew, your such a goober”.

8) Adrenaline! Example in pictures below. You can crash hard entering into T2, but tell yourself “I’m okay, I’m okay”, then run a 1:23:58 half marathon, partly out of sheer embarrassment & to show that you are indeed a professional athlete & not a total tool :). Also, seeing your husband in the lead of the same race can give you another shot of adrenaline, and allow you to cross the finish line with blood running down your leg oblivious to the giant goose-egg on your knee etc…


9) Instant Coffee – I know I know, nasty, right? Wrong.  Some of this stuff makes a pretty wicked strong cup of joe.  Especially when you double up the dosage!  Starbucks Via  has been our race morning, hotel room, coffee drink of choice the past few trips.  Sure beats the free drip stuff, or tracking down a coffee shop at 4:00 am.  On top of that, apparently you can save 4 cents if you find a 1940’s can of maxwell house!!


10) All of the wonderful people that cheer for us and get super stoked when we do well. It is really heart warming to know that so many people are rooting for us and to come home to wicked things like giant “Congratulations!” signs. It was pretty fun to be treated to real (from the actual region in France) Champagne last night c/o some Canadian friends. Thanks to everyone for believing in us and for giving us even more cause to celebrate!




~ by trevorandheather on April 26, 2012.

4 Responses to “Ten Terrific Things Thursday – TTTT #6”

  1. LOVE IT!!! Well earned, enjoy. see ya in ST George soon!!

  2. I proud of the two of you Sorry about your tumble you did it with some grace and a beautiful smile. The dude is skinny jeans must eat all the time. Great strength. Can’t believe you haven’t seen Goober’s. You guys had Aero bar from Hershey way before us. Few miles away and another country. Check out the candy stash on Stu Fitch FB. Oink Oink. Looks like they robbed a 7-11 in Manila with a blue tarp. Check it out! CdA new bike course is getting used. Should be fast. A small change on the run course. Run Special Needs is on Sherman between 7th and 8th NOT Library Lot like last year.

    Can’t wait to see you in CDA Keep up the great writing.

  3. Could be your best TTTT’s yet ! Great photos. The video is wild! Cool photo of the oldest restaurant bar in New Orleans. Really makes me want to visit there…sounds like a cool place. Say…I found Arnica Cream excellent for severe bruises too. Maybe even better than Traumeel…I fall off ladders a lot so I have experience. Try it if you can find it!

  4. Great TTTT’s!! Especially #1!! Haven’t heard the American pronunciation of decal yet but I was amused at the pronunciation of badminton.

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