Ten Terrific Things Thursday – TTTT #5

We are on the road again today – this time flying off to the New Orleans 70.3. I’ve never been to NOLA so I am excited to check it out… Wait, really? I’m super pumped to race, but going to races and “real travelling” are pretty different.  We are a TON of fun in our pre-race, germaphobe, must-get-my-legs-up state. Hey guys, wanna hang out and watch me put my bike together, and fuss with all my pre-race stuff lined up all compulsively on the floor!? I know, let’s see the sights! We can check out transition, the swim start, key points of the run course, bike turnaround… whoopeee!! Ha ha.

The weather forcast looks, um interesting, so it may be a swim-less race. Hope not. Especially since we are having a triathlon couple’s smack- down which it the first terrific thing this week:

1) Team Wurtele vs. Team Marsh vs. Team Lovato at this year’s IM 70.3 New Orleans!  Check out the First Endurance fb page (https://www.facebook.com/firstendurance) and enter your favourite team (e.x. Team Wurtele) and your best guess at our combined race time. Winner gets $200 worth of First Endurance $$ and if you pick Team Wurtele and your time guess is wrong, but we win, you still get $20 worth of FE money. No reason not to!


2) Getting soaking wet with sweat on the trainer b/c you don’t want to get soaking wet with rain outside. Okay, outside = cold and wet, while the (borrowed) garage = warm and wet, but still, I always find this ironic.  I do enjoy trainer rides though, and “Slumdog Millionaire” is a perfect movie to watch for a 2 hr session. Enough suspense, action and good music c/o MIA to make the time fly keep and you riding hard.


3) Photo shoot with Jim Speth for Triathlon Canada Magazine. It was an “exclusive shoot” for an upcoming article so we can’t show you any of the wicked awesome swim, bike, run, or hanging in the RV shots…Instead, here is Jim himself with one of his pictures 🙂

4) Vegan shoes. No animal products required to make these suckers. Made of Hemp and other plant-based goodness. Environmentally friendly + cool looking = recipe for terrificness!


5) Elliott Brood. Terrific Canadian Artists. Dig their tunes. Miss hearing CBC radio on a regular basis down here in the states.

6) Substitutes for swear words that we hear in St. George, Utah:  Son of a bishop! Oh my crap. Heka good. What the H? Some of it itches. Frick. Holy Hana Montana. It’s good stuff.

7) WIND. I like the wind – sometimes. I like it during IM bike rides and every now and then when it’s super crazy it makes for some fun training days. Tripping over your own legs b/c the wind is so strong is awesome.


8) Great massage therapists. I’ve been so lucky to get to know some great people in Canada and the US  (I keep them sort of secret because they are too booked up as it is!) and my St. George magic worker just also happens to do terrific things like make be gluten free cookies!! woot. Not so terrific is the fact that this plate was totally full when I thought of taking a picture, then my husband saw it….

9) Redbox. We like movies but don’t have a TV etc. so Redbox is perfect. Get a DVD for $1.29 return it the next day at any other Redbox. Terrific.

and this week, instead of my usual *AWESOME* (cough, cough) cat post I am saving the best for last…

10) Janelle Morrison. Incredible person. Fellow Canadian professional triathlete who is going to toe the line at Wildflower on May 5th as her first race back from a horrific crash that, unbelievably, only very temporarily, derailed her career 1.5  years ago. She’s not just back to do a race, she is back to compete – and be competitive – at the professional level. After being at training camps together, I fully expect her to kick some ass. Here is a trailer for the documentary about her amazing Second Chance!

~ by trevorandheather on April 19, 2012.

4 Responses to “Ten Terrific Things Thursday – TTTT #5”

  1. Good luck on Sunday! Go TEAM WURTELE GO! Great TTTT, I’m so happy to hear that Janelle is back!

    P.s. I was watching Dr. Oz and heard that drinking pickle juice gets rid of muscle cramps in less then 2 minutes… thought you might find that helpful!


  2. My favorite one yet. 🙂 Kill it on Saturday. Enjoy the journey. Smile. That picture may win the picture contest. (wink, wink)

  3. Love the pics! So very funny!!!
    Have a great race!!

  4. HUGE congratulations to both you guys for the performance in New Orleans. Truly a breakthough weekend Trevor. Looking forward to a race report.

    Must be sooo satisfying after all the hard work to get there.

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