Ten Terrific Things Thursday – TTTT #4

Last week was super busy, including travels from Texas to Mesa to St. George, so I missed my TTTT day. I know, you were devastated. Back this week for your reading pleasure, here are this week’s Ten Terrific Things:

1) Having a coach that is so committed to excellence that he will fly out for a day to help you address bike fit issues, adjust your position for new bike shoes etc. and get some pool deck time while he’s at it. Paulo is elusive and camera shy like the white tiger he is, so I had to use an old photo here. He has much cooler sun glasses now.

2) Pulling John. Okay, maybe not the best title, but this is a fabulous documentary, about…. well… arm-wrestling! Seriously, if you are a sports fan at any level you will enjoy this movie. I promise. If you watch it and don’t actually enjoy it, you can rant and rave and all me an idoit on this blog. Dare ya. You can rent it on iTunes – easy peasy.

3) St. George, Utah!! Love it here. Great community, quiet roads for epic rides, awesome running trails, lake swimming, pretty red rocks… Oh, and they have wifi in all their public parks – handy!


4) Bob the cactus. This little guy has no spines (If you want to geek out on cactus spines read this: http://www.sbs.utexas.edu/mauseth/researchoncacti/spines.htm) Anyway bob lives in Mesa and I think this little genetically disadvantaged individual is just terrific.


5) Swimming Memes. Funny stuff. Found their facebook page this week. The frequent use of “highly sarcastic guy” (not shown here), and the freaked out dog is funny in itself, but if you spend any time staring at the black line, you’ll get a chuckle.


6) This video. If you follow our facebook pages, you’ve seen it before but it’s too terrific not to include in a TTTT. Filmed in Trail BC, great cinematography, creativity and wicked skiing!

7) Ultrarunners – in general, but particularly those sponsored by UltrAspire that we were fortunate enough to meet this past week. Super cool, laid-back people; who also just happen to be some of the most accomplished Ultrarunners on the planet. Little 40 mile training run from the west-rim to Angels Landing in Zion National Park – no problemo! We got a look at the new design samples for the 2013 UltrAspire lines too (AH-MA-ZING!) and gave our feedback after test runs. Oh, and there was a music jam.  Stupid me was dumb enough to pipe up with lyrics when others forgot so they made me get up with the mic and sing… welcome to my nightmare!


8) Paper Showers. Occasionally, when say you are training hard and parking for free somewhere, your poop tank gets full and you can’t run any water after your last training session of the day. No need to go to bed totally crusty! Ta da – bath with a giant wet-nap to the rescue!!


9) COSTCO. Lots of food. Giant cart. Have our routine down to a science with the divide and conquer approach. “Agave nectar here, bam!, giant bag of spinach there, shazam!, frozen berries in the freezer section, I’m on it!” I get a bit annoyed with the excessive packaging (and how small the freezer in the RV is) but Costco runs keep us eating well and training hard!

10)  How incredibly loving our cat is when we bring her home from the kennel. A classic cat stereotype is that they give you the cold shoulder in their aloof way but, no, not our cat. It’s a cuddly, ‘don’t leave me’, purr-fest with lots of lap time. She also tends to hog my pillow.

~ by trevorandheather on April 12, 2012.

2 Responses to “Ten Terrific Things Thursday – TTTT #4”

  1. I can relate to the genetically disadvantaged individual. He is of my tribe and I love him.
    LOVE these posts!

  2. Thank God for Baby Wipes, we take them on 4 day kayak trips in BC. I love the after ski season skiing. That almost looked like Red Mountain!
    Nice sparage off the edge! Rock ski’s no doubt, maybe not he’s a bar tender at night!

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