Trevor 70.3 Texas race report

I’m going to assume most of you reading this know what the 70.3 Texas event was: a half ironman with big points, big prize money, big names, big Lance Armstrong, big media coverage – of Lance Armstrong.

Happily I wasn’t concerned with the ‘bigginess’ of the event, I was super happy to be fit, calm and ready to simply race well.  I had some goals for the event for sure, namely a top 10 finish and meeting some time goals along the way.

This year I will start swimming in the low 25 minutes, mark my freaking word.  I’ve been swimming  around  26 minutes for 2 years now, it’s about darn time to knock that down a bit.  Unfortunately this race wasn’t the one!! Hmmmm.  A big part of it is my start….it’s just not fast enough and I end up swimming in a group that makes the swim feel far easier than it should.  Perhaps a good thing for a race like Texas where it was still wetsuit legal despite some fairly warm water.  On the other hand, overheating during the swim is really something I don’t concern myself with.  It’s just not an issue for me, unless the water started getting close to 80 F and we were somehow forced to wear wetsuits.  Heather and I simply do not share water temperature tolerances.

I’ve been riding well the past couple months so I knew if I rode the watts I planned to ride I’d bring back a lot of guys.  Typically on a dead flat course it’s a lot harder to hit high normalized power readings, but I did well, bringing home one of my better dead flat 70.3 power readings of 305 w average for the  2hr 9min ride.  That’s bang on 4.0 w/kg for me.  The challenge really becomes staying in your aero position the entire time, especially those last 20 minutes.  This is made doubly hard with sweaty forearms that keep wanting to slide off my aero bar pads.  This is something I’ve got to fix for the next race, I could hardly move my wrists by the end of it as they had seized up from gripping the aero bars so hard.

Thanks Blue, Rolf Prima, CycleOps, TorHans, Giro, First Endurance!

Racing in the heat and humidity was a good lesson.  With plans of racing Ironman NYC later this year it was a valuable day of learning what not to do in an extremely hot/humid race.  #1 – Fix the aero bar set up.  #2. Don’t wear a visored helmet.  #3. Drink more than my current nutrition plans call for.  Thinking about it, every single one of my races last year was raced in perfect conditions, and I race well in perfect conditions… 😛 like everyone…because it’s perfect, duh :).  Honestly though, my body type is quite suited to hot/humid races, way more so than many athletes out there so I’m looking forward to racing some more killer days this year.


Since starting to work with Paulo last year I’ve had some amazing improvements in my bike and run splits.  My run being at the top of the list and I was extremely confident going in to this race that I was going to knock off something better than my regular 1:15’s and 1:16’s of last year.  I pride myself on running well at the end of the race and i was a bit miffed that I didn’t make it happen last Sunday. I can usually tell within the first 10 strides if the run will go the way I want it, and quite frankly I felt great heading out of T2.  Soon enough though, at the first U-turn, 3/4 of a mile in, my hamstrings came so very close to cramping.

Ouch?? 🙂

This annoying stride limiter hung around for the entire run, making for one of the more difficult 70.3 runs I’ve had in a very long time.  Even so, on a day like this I’m not sure I could have ran much more than a few minutes faster than what I did (1:20:12), which would only have put me 1 spot further up the ranks anyway.  Stupid way to look at it, but that’s what most of us do, I think.  ‘Where could I have finished if I had done this…or that.’  That’s part of what keeps me motivated to race as there’s rarely a perfect race.  I certainly have never had a PERFECT race.  For this one, far from perfect, but sub 4 hours is rarely horrible, and a 12th place in a crazy field is far from something to cry about.  I’ll walk away looking forward to doing it better at the next one.

~ by trevorandheather on April 6, 2012.

4 Responses to “Trevor 70.3 Texas race report”

  1. Hi Trevor. Great report. Just a thought but if you grip with your hands do you naturally enlist support from your hamstrings too? I do. Try it whilst seated at your desk. Could be the cause.

    • …. should have said that my comment was in relation to your cradle / pad slippage issues.

      • Hmmm, good thought. I’ll think about that the next time I ride. Though, hopefully I can just put a different aero extension on there and solve it.
        Thanks for the suggestion!

  2. Trevor
    You and Heather amaze me with all of your traveling and training. If you plan on racing CdA, you’ll get your fast course. It’s new this year. They took out something like 40 corners! Safe and happy travels.

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