Texas 70.3 Recap

Aw snap. That pretty much sums up this past Sunday’s Texas 70.3 for me.  I was fit a ready to rock, but had one of my poorest performances in the last few years. It is decidedly not cool to swim poorly, push lower average watts than I do for a full IM, and run slower than I have for half in a long time.

BUT it is also not cool to dwell on it and beat myself up too much. As pros, our livelihoods, as well as our hearts and souls, are invested in each race so I think it’s fair to be upset, but focusing on the big picture is key. I am notoriously hard on myself so it is great to have a wonderful support network of friends and world-class athletes to learn from. Thanks for smacking me upside the head and keep me focusing forward.

It is also great to have an intelligent, objective coach who helps you piece together the things that caused the disconnect between fitness in training, and race day performance.

Key lesson learned: getting overheated in the swim (me + wetsuit in warm water = bad news), and then having little or no convective cooling on a super hot, humid day = more suckage than you’d expect. Also when a course had a whopping 50ft total elevation change, potential problems with your aero position become evident in spectacular fashion.

The next race on tap is the New Orleans 70.3 so I am looking forward to tackling similar race conditions and working out the kinks!

~ by trevorandheather on April 4, 2012.

4 Responses to “Texas 70.3 Recap”

  1. sounds like a great lessons learned? Thats some sick graffics on the wheel, is that a cover??

    • Hey Matt,
      The front wheel is a Rolf Prima TDF 60, new this year. The rear is the same rim with a disc cover and disc decal over it…it took some work to put that together. Rolf Prima makes a disc, but it doesn’t have power. That rear wheel has a CycleOps hub in there.

  2. Heather, I know you’re disappointed with your race but I’m super proud of both of you and you’ll always be inspiring no matter where you finish in a race! I love you! Good luck in New Orleans 70.3! I know you’ll giver your best! 🙂


  3. Great attitude, Heather! You are an inspiration. Best of luck in New Orleans and look forward to seeing you in CDA!!!

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