TTTT T- Ten Terrific Things Thursday #Two

Here for your reading pleasure is the second instalment of Ten Terrific Things Thursday. Also known as TTTT T.

It may be a little while before another one, not because it’s all that hard to come up with Terrific Things, but because next week we will be off to race the Texas 70.3 in Galveston!! Woot. We are definitely excited to get the North American race season underway!

1) The first terrific thing is the fact that Team Wurtele is sponsored by a Hemp Foods company, from Canada. Manitoba Harvest Hemp Food and Oils. Hemp + Canada = AWESOME. Enough said really, but hemp  is also sustainably grown and hemp hearts (shelled hemp seeds) are super yummy and nutritious (high in protein and healthy fats). There is also hemp protein, butter, milk… get on it!!

2) This video from Brian Regan. We like stand up comedy, and he made us laugh. If you are the impatient type just skip to 2:40 where he talks about his social fantasy “I walked on the moon.” Classic!!

3) LAKE SWIMMING!! Okay people, it’s March, in North America. Historically, this is when I would be tearing up the slopes on my Tele skiis, not lake swimming. But there is this magical place in the desert near Mesa called Saguaro Lake and it is PERFECT for swim training right now. Ooohhh yeah.

4) Lezyne pump. It’s nice and small so it fit’s in your jersey pocket, and it has a super cool, flexible, bit of hose that nests inside so you can actually hand pump your tire up to correct pressure without cranking on your valve stem.  For some reason I always mix the name Lezyne with the headlamp brand Petzl so my Lezyne pump’s name is Petzl 🙂

5) Well these tan lines are terrific, but that’s not why I posted this picture. I managed to leave my awesome Aqua Sphere swim suit at the pool yesterday so I used a super old one under my wetsuit today at the lake. It’s so old in fact that the synthetic material from which it is made has started to dissolve back to it’s original components (e.x. OIL), leaving a wonderfully sticky, hard to remove, tar-like substance all over my back! Terrific!!

6) Rolf Prima TDF60’s with Power Tap G3 hubs. Basically the lightest, most aero power measuring wheel around. And they have  decals that match our bikes – bonus points! My bike (which Trevor is holding below) will show up in Triathlete Canada’s June Pro Bike Feature.

7) Love Interrupted by Jack White. I have had this song in my head all week. I think it’s great – I’ve been a White Stripes fan from day 1 –  and I just tend to dig creative songs with alternative interpretations of things like love. See also Nick Cave’s “I let love in” for some good lyrics.

8) Our cat’s passionate love for butter. Hm. Why does she know she likes butter? Probably because my husband gives her treats. If we ignore her long enough she takes matters into her own hands.

9) Poofy Saucony Jacket. These were awesome “welcome to the team” presents and are SUPER warm but still squish down to nothing so they are perfect to wear on the scooter and stuff under the seat, or wear to cold am swims and jam in a pack. That’s right, fashion and utility!! Mine got some good lovin’ during a brief cold snap over the weekend.

10) Chipotle!! If you spend all of your time in Canada, chances are you have not been to a Chipotle.  Too bad, so sad.

~ by trevorandheather on March 22, 2012.

2 Responses to “TTTT T- Ten Terrific Things Thursday #Two”

  1. awesome. 🙂

  2. pure entertainment. thank u!

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