TTTT – Ten Terrific Things Thursday

Twitter may have #FF follow Friday, but we have #TTTT with twice the capital letters, and ten terrific (somewhat random) things that we’ve noticed, or enjoyed, or simply felt like pointing out to you this week! We hope you enjoy.

1) To continue with the T theme we have Trevor wearing a technical T-shirt, that looks like a normal cotton T-shirt. COOL. Hey I’m a dude wearing a normal shirt, but wait! I will run up a massive trail and get all sweaty but you won’t be able to tell b/c my shirt is terrific!

2) Usery Pass – this newly paved (with sound dampening asphalt) road in Mesa AZ, is THE BOMB. Super smooth, quiet, nice shoulder – perfect grade for hammering any sort of hill intervals (big ring, max effort, you name it).

3) Dznuts Bliss – chamois cream for chicks. Generally tend to be annoyed by “female specific” packaging when the only difference is some pink while the ingredients are the same, but this stuff is great, and the official application instructions are funny.

4) Iron Gear Sports (and Steve Letcher – owner) – How can you not love a store that has giant posters of you up on the walls!?!? They also carry ALL the gear we use for triathlon, and have awesome, friendly staff. Best Tri shop around; made better by the fact that Steve has the best dead-pan teasing style around.

5) Hologram shoe labels – Now that’s just cool. Saucony-Cortana-Saucony-Cortana-Saucony…. You get the picture. Terrific shoes too. My new favourite for long runs.

6) Trader Joes Pesto – Makes an easy meal when thrown on pasta, salmon etc. Good to spread on rice cakes with avocado & tomato… handy way to make stuff taste better

7) Soda Stream – carbonated water tastes yummy and makes you hydrate better. We drink at least 1L more much needed H2O daily b/c of it. ooooh bubbles! Only not so cool thing is that it can be hard to find re-fill CO2 canisters some places. Bed Bath and Beyond has been the best bet. Bungee cord to prevent tipping while driving – not included.

8) USB rechargeable LED – comes on the Saucony Epic Run Jacket. Makes you visible, no annoying batteries. Pretty self explanatory terrific-ness.

9) Dunes – giant piles of naturally existing sand = sweet!! Got to play on these the first time while driving from San Diego to Mesa AZ.

and the final terrific thing this week…

10) The fact that our cat will only drink water out of a tall glass, while balanced precariously on the edge of our super small RV bathroom sink. Yes indeed. She’s terrific!

~ by trevorandheather on March 15, 2012.

One Response to “TTTT – Ten Terrific Things Thursday”

  1. that’s terrifically typed. 🙂

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