Squad Camp – Las Cruces 2012

4hr ride in new kit First Endurance kit - done and dusted

People that write blogs on a regular basis impress me. When I’m in the middle of hard training blocks, I barely have the energy to get through e-mails and bang out some 140 character snippets on Twitter and Facebook. Now that our first Triathlon Squad camp of 2012 is over and I have an easy-peasy, 2-workout day all on my own time, I figured I should get some thoughts down.

Swimming at the NMSU pool

This camp was definitely less stressful than the first ever camp we had here at the same time last year. Less stressful, but not less challenging. We’ve had a year of working with Paulo so we’re more sure of ourselves in the coaching relationship, and knew how to better organize for full training days – the structure of which is guessed at, but never known until the session before.  We were also more on top of recovery, and as our overall, long-term, fitness has improved we have adapted to bigger training loads, and are mentally tougher and able to cope with hard work, day in and day out.  I only cried into my goggles once this camp!

All that said, training itself doesn’t get easier – you just do it better/faster/harder and expect more from yourself. I had some great performances in 2011, but I am aiming for better ones. Much better. The only way that I know how to get there is to 1) believe that it’s possible, 2) commit fully to the process and 3) work hard.

The Squad helps in big ways with all 3 of these things. You are surrounded by like-minded people who are all committed to doing the work and becoming the best triathletes they can be – and you have a coach who fosters a high performance environment, where complacency is simply not acceptable.

Good ol' (ever so slightly monotonous) hwy 28

Like any pursuit in life that you actually enjoy, it’s not all super-serious, nose-to-the-grind-stone stuff. It’s also pretty fun. Stupid jokes abound, and having others to laugh with can lift your spirits and turn that “meh” workout into a great one. You can bask in others’ positivity when you’re short supply, and when all else fails you can use the fact that everyone is annoying as hell, and everything is pissing you off to fuel your workout.

Thanks to everyone on the Squad for the support and inspiration. We’ll be seeing you in San Diego in February!

The famous Andele "platter for two" - ooohhh yeah!

~ by trevorandheather on January 29, 2012.

5 Responses to “Squad Camp – Las Cruces 2012”

  1. That’s our girl!!

    Love to read your blog as it pertains not only to you super human athletes, but to all of us …being positive, working hard, keeping our sense of humour, and supporting each other.

    To the rest of us mere mortals. I say …”Don’t let us think our little jobs are hardly ever seen. Remember, every blade of grass helps make the meadow green.”

    We are so proud of you Heather, and “love you up to the sky and back”

  2. That platter made me.hungry. 🙂 keep up the hard work.

  3. I’ve always known that you’re tough as nails, but only crying once (while wearing goggles no less) has confirmed it again.

    Great work Heather!!

  4. Does that work to de-fog your goggles, or does it get blurrier?

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