Feelin Mo’ Bettah

Like they say in Hawaii; It’s good to feel good, but bettah to feel mo’ bettah! I’m (Trevor) Currently sitting at 4 days out from Ironman Arizona 2011 and starting to get a little antsy, but absolutely feeling mo betta than evah’. Taper has settled in big time, these short workouts leave so much time in the day to just sit around and think about race day. Gets a little annoying, honestly. I’m definitely doing my best to just watch some TV at our friends house – Apple TV with Netflix rules, by the way. Regardless, hard to keep the mind from looking back over the last few months of training and scrutinizing the details. One plus is the training has indeed been awesome, so 99% of the scrutinizing is positive. Not much has changed in the actual training itself, just a lot more running that I wasn’t able to do in the lead up to Ironman Canada because of some silly shin issues.

Outside of training I’ve made a few important equipment and nutrition modifications that I’m excited to pull out on Sunday. I really feel like I can run sub 3 hrs at this race. It’s a big goal of mine here and one I know I can accomplish if I quit being a dumbass with my calorie intake. ‘Cause really, if I can consistently run 1:15-1:16 in most half ironmans like I’ve been doing this year, sub 3 should really not be out of the picture. Straight up, I really am freaking stupid when it comes to nutrition in an Ironman. I have a great plan laid out, but I just fail to make adjustments when they’re needed, or fail to realize when I’m straying from my original plan. Perhaps I just get so caught up in the riding part that I forget to take care of the eating part before it’s too late. Anyway, time to make it simple…r!!!

Here it is, nutrition for the bike: starting with 3 bottles on my bike, 400 calories of EFS drink in each + 2 EFS liquid shot flasks with 400 calories each. Add 5 or 6 on course waters and that’s it. Finish 1 caloric bottle every hour. Done. It’ll be a 4:30’ish ride so that’s more than enough, but will aim to finish all 2000 calories. Prior to this plan I always had 1 bottle with 1200 calories of liquid shot, plus 4 bottles with 200 calories EFS drink (2 of which I picked up at special needs half way). Quite simply, I can’t keep track of what’s going down the hatch with that plan. Stoked about the change and I’ve had some eye opening training rides with it. Oh yes, I also load in some Pre Race in there. Vrooom.

On top of the nutrition consumed on the bike I have had problems taking in calories while running. Nothing to do with gut issues, just plain stupid laziness. It really becomes a chore to reach into your back pocket for a Liquid Shot flask 6.5hrs into a race. Why? Simple, I’m an idiot when I lack calories.  Solution? Having my EFS liquid shot flask easily accessible on the front part of my race belt. I’m pretty confident this will keep my need to keep shoving calories down the hatch in the forefront of my mind.  Here’s a cool video the UltrAspire folks shot of Heather with a similar belt. We’ve been so fortunate to test these belts for them, they’ll be out for sale next year with plenty of carbon (orange cages will be carbon) and personalization options for the tech loving triathlete! 🙂

On to some changes I made on the bike. First off body position. Huge thank you to coach Paulo, again. When I first started working with Paulo in January he immediately dropped my aero bars by 3.5cm. A big change that proved to be a huge benefit to my bike speed for all races this year. Post Ironman Canada a few months ago – another big drop – 1.5cm’s. That’s 5cm off my front end from last year. Without a joke, putting out more power now and cutting through the wind so much easier.The only discomfort I had to get over was a bit more craning of my neck after this last adjustment, but helped eliminate that with an aero helmet with visor in the Louis Garneu Vorttice. Have to admit I’ve done many hard training rides with that helmet on – freaking love it. Top that off with a Rolf Prima TT58 with disc cover and PowerTap, aero bottle to hold my spare and aero hydration bottle upfront (thanks Torhans), bigger chain ring, more training…excited to ride the same watts I did at IMC and crush this IMAZ course.

AVIA Lite Guide 6 in this picture

I’m also running in a thicker, more supportive shoe from AVIA called the AVIA-Lite Guide 4.  I’ve raced in the AVIA Bolt for every race the past couple years, and I do like them for when I’m running anything under 6:00/mile pace.  They’re light and fast, but once I start getting into anything slower than 6:30/mile I find the landing is just too hard.  The switch to a slightly heavier, and way more cushy, shoe has been a big positive.  While we were in Kona I was putting in some big run weeks, most of those miles on the Queen-K.  No way I could have ran that much on pavement in a racing flat.  I can feel the weight difference when doing intervals or longer steady fast runs, but it’s going to pay off huge at the end of Ironman Arizona, a primarily concrete run.

So yeah, it’s safe to say my confidence is high.  Looks to be over over 70 male athletes at this race with some, as always, big names in attendance. I know I can swim in the 52-53′ range, I know I can ride close to 4:30 on this course if the wind isn’t ridonculous (another marker, don’t lose more than 8min to Jordan Rapp on the bike!), then knock off a sub 3hr run and I’ll be very happy with my day.  Them’s the goals and you heard it here first!!

~ by trevorandheather on November 16, 2011.

3 Responses to “Feelin Mo’ Bettah”

  1. Looking forward to following on race day! I have a good feeling!!!!

  2. Best of luck @ IMAZ, the bike look RAD and the new position looks solid!! The little detalls are mucho important 🙂

  3. sounds good man. donät forget about liquid, i.e. H2O absorption.

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