Ironman Canada 2011 – Trevor

It’s amazing the number of individual thoughts that swarm around in my head the couple days after an Ironman.  It’s been a full year since I’ve started and finished a full Ironman.  The break was really to focus on my racing through the year and build into a great Ironman Canada 2011.  Everything this season has been awesome, but on the day that mattered to me the most I didn’t pull it off.  Disappointing for sure, but definitely looking forward to fixing it in a few months.

Here’s a few things I would do differently if I could have an “IMC Makeover, with Ryan Seacrest.” 🙂

The swim – was perfect.  I couldn’t have asked for anything better, other than hoping someone wanted to push the pace a bit more near the end.  I sure wasn’t going to do it.  I kept waiting for the point of the swim where I would have to dig really deep to stay on feet and get in with the pack I wanted.  It never came, I was quite comfortable the entire 3.8km.  Prior to the start, I took note of who was wearing what cap color.  I wanted to be with at least 1 or 2 of those caps when rounding the far turn.  Well, everyone that I wanted to be with was in the group, and they all seemed content to just cruise it in.  When someone’s pushing the pace it’s usually a long thinline, but this particular group had about 3 people on the front with a good 10 of us behind.  I wasn’t complaining, though I did worry a little bit about how much time we may be giving up to the lead swimmers.  In the end it wasn’t much – our large group came in at 53minutes to the 50 minute time of the leaders.  I’d take that scenario over again, for sure. No Ryan Seacrest makeover needed.

My ride was again pretty close to as perfect as I could have made it.  The last 30km were WAY harder than I was expecting, but, that’s to be expected with Ironman!!  The wind was nasty and it did not make the lengthy downhill into town an easy place to take a bit of the edge off and put back some extra calories and fluid.  The plan as a whole was to ride my goal watts all day, not even care what was going on around me.  Just stare at the little yellow CycleOps Joule computer and hit my target average watts of 280.  That, I did.  It did fall off a bit over the final drop into penticton, and I was unable to keep the power high through the final little rise in town, ending the day with Avg power of 274.  All said, though, a good ride.  I was tired by the end, but not shelled where I would doubt my ability to run.  My time of 4hrs 47min for the 180km was good for that day. All the guys I was watching were around that time -Jordan Rapp aside – who came in at 4:38.

I did, however, lose some focus during the ride when one blatant, cheating, drafter from France(Guy in Yellow, above), decided to tack onto my wheel in those last 45km.  He had ridden past me about 60km earlier mashing his big ring over the rollers, it was no wonder he was fried.  Once I caught up to him again there was litterally no shame coming from him and he just sucked my wheel, even a couple middle fingers and harsh words didn’t phase him.  Perhaps it threw me off a bit. If I could have a “ReDo with Ryan Seacrest” moment, I’d go back and just laugh.  He was done, no way he was going to have a good run and I should have just stayed in my zone.

I went into the race believing that top 5 was possible, that top 10 was assured barring disaster, and top 3 would be my best possible outcome.  Starting the run in 6th, then running up to 5th place was a great situation to be in.  Things were feeling solid, obviously not easy, but I was in control and in an awesome place mentally.  It was roasting hot on the way out, running with a pretty strong tailwind and not getting that cooling sensation on your face really makes it heat up quick.  Though I felt warm I wasn’t feeling it in my core or head, a good thing.  Ice down the shorts, sponges on the head, plenty of EFS Liquid shot and lots of water with SaltStick caps were the ticket.  Game on.  The previous night I froze a bottle of very dilute EFS drink so that I could have it at the mile 13 special needs station.  I did the same thing last year but because the day was so cold in 2010 it hadn’t even thawed out.  This year I was so looking forward to that frozen drink.  Once I grabbed it I took a big swig and instantly had the worst gut cramp I’ve ever had.  It was not just a little ‘jog it off and rub it away’ thing.  More like a ‘what the hell was that’ issue.  Coach keeps telling me I’m mentally weak for walking a minute or two right then.  Not so sure about that. In my opinion, at that point in time, it was better to just take a minute and get rid of it than to limp/run through it and drag it on for a kilometer.  The most of it went away pretty quickly, and running through a slight stitch was no issue.  It did shake me a bit, giving me a quick flashback to a previous year, but I did my best to put it behind me and move on.  “Ryan Seacrest Makeover” #2 – don’t ingest that much ice water at one time, 7hrs into a very hard day.

“IMC Makeover, with Ryan Seacrest” number 3 is a tricky one.  I think I would make it asking Heather not to be out on the run course.  The unfortunate reaction to seeing a loved one out on the course 7 hrs into the race is to explain what is going on and how you’re feeling.  When really it would be better to simply internalize any problems and deal with it yourself.  When I told her I had a major cramp a bit eariler, she and coach told me to stick with Coke.  Once I heard that I really thought it would be a great idea to just throw out my EFS liquid shot and run the last 9 miles with coke.  My final “Ryan Seacrest Makeover” is to just put that damn flask in my jersey pocket.  A stupid panic reaction on my behalf.  Maybe the end was coming anyway, but coke was just not cutting it for me.  I was pounding back 2 cups at every aid station to try and get something to my muscles.  Surely they didn’t put diet coke out there, did they? Hehe, jokes.

I did hold on to 8th.  I can’t say I’m happy with 8th because I wanted so much more.  Looking at the positives here, though, it is my best Ironman Canada placing in the 7 times I’ve raced here:

2004 – maybe 350th or something
2006- 29th
2007- 18th
2008- 14th (first year pro)
2009- 20th
2010- 12th
2011- 8th

Not my best Ironman placing ever in an Ironman, but even if I have to keep chipping away at small improvements in this freaking deal I’ll get it nailed.

Thanks to my cheering squad from the 13th floor.  And of course my dad and Lynne who missed out on this picture. Linda who’s taking the picture.  Also to Seaera, Danny, and Michele for coming out from Calgary to help cheer.  You guys are all great.


~ by trevorandheather on August 31, 2011.

3 Responses to “Ironman Canada 2011 – Trevor”

  1. Trev – we’re all so proud of you! Sometimes you learn the most from the adversities that come your way. Keep that mantra : “Just Focus and Pedal On” in your brain. Looking forward to your next exciting race! Mom xo

  2. you threw away your liquid shot? geeeze Trev.. 8th place is great Trev..I know you are a Pro and you don’t become a Pro unless you have a deep desire to race..and racing is about winning..So I understand that you wanted much much more, but 8th is great and you definitely showed you belong with the big boys.. congrats!

  3. Looks like progress to me bud. Way to keep progressing.

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