Goodbye St. George, hello Pacific North West

It didn’t seem like all that long ago we drove up to St. George from Oceanside but that was waaay back in April. It is now July, tons of great training and lots of races have come and gone and we have picked up and moved on once again (cue theme song from “The Littlest Hobo” – loved this show as a kid!)

We had a great final month in southern Utah with The Triathlon Squad all in town to train hard. It started off badly with AJ breaking his arm in a blowout-front-flat bike crash and it just wasn’t the same without him. New members Kevin Collington and new-to-us Greg Billington were great additions to the group, and it was awesome to have Janelle Morrison at camp making huge strides towards being an even better athlete than her pre-accident self.

The June heat in St. George got to be a little much – 110-113 oF – for a couple of days (over 43 oC) and hiding in the RV midday with our loud AC blasting wasn’t the most enjoyable. BUT that was pretty much the only negative thing about our whole time there and I miss the area already!  We seriously had culture shock on our travels – like “oh, right, most people aren’t as friendly as those in SG”.

Huge thanks to the great folks and Perks! Espresso and Smoothies, The Washington City Community Center, April Larson, and Elite Creators. The latter is a fantastic company that is at the leading edge of innovative hydration systems for ultra-runners and triathletes: UltrAspire. Look for their exciting product launch at the Outdoor Retailers Show in Salt Lake August 4-7th.

Elite Creators also have another product line called Click Elite – super cool performance packs to really up the game of outdoor adventure photographers – and I was lucky enough to do a photo shoot out at Gunlock Falls/Lake with Jim Speth. Stoked to be able to share those with you soon!

On to our travels: We debated the best route to take north but stuck with the shortest distance – and the road less travelled – which was a tangent across Nevada and South East Utah. We went through towns like Enterprise, Ely, Eureka, Winnemucca, Denio Junction… on roads the don’t even show up on Google maps until you zoom WAY in – but are still in great condition with avg 70mph speed limits that work for an RV and trailer. Some amazing plateaus, passes, very few other vehicles and heck of a lot of sagebrush! We made great time, got to see some cool, small town, 4th of July parade preparations, and discovered excellent espresso in the tiny town of Eureka Nevada (at Uncommon Grounds). Hwy 140 that cuts across NW the top of Nevada and SE corner of Oregon was spectacular!

The highlight of the trip, though, was our stop at Summer Lake Hot Springs. We scoped out the lake thinking we could get a swim in at the end of a long day of driving. Turns out that while it looks large on a map, it is alkaline, about 3ft deep and surrounded by grazing cattle – making it what I call an ‘Agri-poo’ lake. Thwarted, we saw the sign for the Hot Springs and decided to go for it. Excellent snap decision. There was a perfect farm-truck-turned cow-trail that we were able to run on for an hour, paragliders were sailing around the cliffs and the hot spring was a total hippy chill-ville (clothing optional after 9 pm). The timber frame and corrugated iron “barn” that shelters the hot spring pool was built in 1928 and the stars you can see without any light pollution were phenomenal. Definitely worth a stop.

I felt super relaxed and invigorated after that stop (Manah was happy to get some outside time too!) and we arrived in Eugene the next day, swam 4k in the outdoor Amazon pool and even got a 2hr ride in! Sweetness!!

Trevor is off to Portland to race the Rev3 half iron distance race there on Sunday July 10th, and I am heart broken not to be joining him to spectate. I have some serious training still in my last push to Ironman Lake Placid, though, so I am hunkering down here in Eugene to get the work done. Talk about dedication! I hate missing his races 😦

Luckily the awesome crew from Rolf Prima is taking him up there, in their oh-so-sweet van. It’s his first race on his new Blue Triad SL so watch out!!


~ by trevorandheather on July 8, 2011.

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