Race season so far!

Trevor here.  Heather is back into full on Ironman training mode so finds little time to get on the computer.  She’ll write something soon though!!  We’ve been back at Triathlon Squad ‘St. George Edition’ for almost one week now.  So great to have the crew around, though slightly thinned out due to some broken bones and a couple athletes that decided this stuff wasn’t for them.  We both recently raced the Boise 70.3 where Heather took a solid 2nd place and I hung on for 6th.  After Boise Heather flew out east for some wind tunnel time with Blue Competition Cycles – you can check out that trip over on slowtwitch, here.

My last two races , Quassy and Boise, were great.  Not 100% what i wanted, but a good 90% and some solid improvement as things keep moving forward.  Rev3 Quassy, as I mentioned in my last post, was decent.  Far from great, but I was happy to have pulled off my fastest run ever.  In retrospect it would have been far better to just jog it in once I realized the day wasn’t going to end inside the top 10…but I hate doing that.  6 days later in Boise I had another good day, though, for the first time this year my run took a hit.  Over four 70.3 distance races this year I’ve posted two low 1:16’s , one high 1:15 on a hilly course, and now a 1:20.  Oyyy, that’s racing!!  I was a hurtin unit those last couple miles in Boise.

It’s also been interesting to look at my CycleOps power files from 4 different races now.  Even though I went in to each race with a different strategy for the bike, i came out of the ride with Avg power numbers within 3 watts of each other, between 300 and 303.  With the exception of New Orleans where I had an avg power of 317.  Part of the 317 number was because of the dead flat course, but also the fact that the swim was cancelled that day.  Allowing for a little bit more oomph that first hour.

Here’s a breakdown –

Oceanside – with the 303w Avg was a day where I went in and stayed in control.  Keeping a very strict power cap. Hilly course: 2:22 bike split I think
New Orleans – with the 317w Avg I let it fly.  Absolute hammered for the first hour and just hung on for the second hour. Dead flat course: 2:09 bike split
Quassy – Very hilly course and 303 watts avg, froze my ass off for 30minutes, and had a rough go near the end.  i was very surprised to see that Avg at the end of the day given how far back i was of the main group and how poorly I felt all day. 2:26 bike split.
Boise – Avg Power of 300w.  Net downhill course by a bit, generally flat, first 30 minutes were easy, middle hour was very hard, last 30min were just hanging on as best I could. 2:09 and 2nd fastest bike split.

So what can i draw from that? I suit flat to rolling courses I guess.  I love hilly course, but I probably take a hit to the leaders on short steep hills.  In both New Orleans and Boise, relatively flat/rolling courses, I had one of the fastest bike splits.  Whereas in Oceanside and Quassy I lost some serious time to the leaders despite putting out my ‘normal’ power output.

Maybe I’ll have to stop carrying 3 bottles on the hilly courses to save some weight.  But in the end, having my kick ass First Endurance nutrition on board leaves me fueled up to run fast.  I always ride a half iron (race time of very near 4hrs, give or take a bit) with 2 bottles of EFS drink mixed to 200 calories each, and one bottle with 400 calories of EFS Liquid shot.  Sometimes I opt to use the liquid shot flask and get on course water, but usually prefer just to have it in a bottle already watered down.  On a tougher course like Oceanside or Quassy I’ll mix the EFS drinks to 250 calories for a bit extra – given the longer ride time.  If it’s a hot day I’ll also grab an on course water.  Onto the run I’ll carry a EFS liquid shot flask with 200 calories diluted with water,  sip that at every aid station followed by a  cup of water.  I’ve NEVER had gut or lack of calorie issue since I’ve started using that First Endurance plan 18 months ago.  In previous years, with other products and a shoddy plan…total gamble, some days were good, some days were horrible.

There were a couple variations in equipment as well that may have had an effect on the end result.  Both Oceanside and Quassy I used a butyl lined tubular tire instead of latex.  I don’t imagine a freaking inner tube makes a HUGE difference, but I’m sure it does make a SMALL difference.  Also, in Boise I used Rolf Prima’s new TT85 (as opposed to the TT58) front wheel with a new latex tubular.  Though a little heavier than the TT58 it did test faster in the wind tunnel.  In New Orleans, Quassy, and Boise I used a disc cover on Rolf’s TT58 rear wheel with power tap.  This year I’ve also gone back to my trusty Giro aero helmet.  The Lazer Tardiz I used for the later season last year just did not fit my back/head well and ended up being more of a drag than a benefit.

I’m starting to realize all these little details add up to some fairly significant time gains at the end of the day.  My next addition to the speed arsenal is Blue’s new Triad SL.  You’ve seen it under Heather at Ironman St. George, well, I’ve got mine raring to go for Rev3 Portland and Ironman Canada.  Sweet!!!

~ by trevorandheather on June 20, 2011.

2 Responses to “Race season so far!”

  1. Not that I feel I can offer advice to a pro, but FWIW, in 70.3’s – I carry one bottle of water, and a flask of concentrated solution. I use infinit, but I am sure you could use EFS. The flask has enough calories for the bike. I tape 2 gu’s to my stem/headset for caffeine/back up. When I hit aid stations, I just grab a new water bottle, and I’m good to go – works like a charm.

    • Hey Ryan, good to hear from you. Certainly don’t feel intimidated to offer advice or suggestions. It’s all good.

      I have done something similar in the past. One bottle of ~400calories and one EFS liquid shot flask of 400 calories. My only issue with that was that I end up grabbing water at the first aid station anyway. Rather than chance that and waste the few seconds I just load up and blow through it. In Boise I managed to shake 4 guys off my tail by hammering through the first aid.

      Having that 3rd bottle is something I may scrap unless it’s a hot day. Most of the time I’m done with one of them 40 minutes into the ride anyway so that 3rd one probably doesn’t make much difference for that small amount of time. But again…it could be worth lightening the load and bringing it on as I need it. Probably very course and weather dependent for me.

      Cheers. Trev.

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