From Quassy to Boise

Trev here, I’m writing this on the phone while we drive to Boise. Lying on the RV bed! Great way to travel. 30min till I take over driving duties. Hehe. Hopefully this posts to the blog properly.

Rev3 Quassy report:

Even though my race at Rev3 Quassy started worse than any race I can remember, I happily ended the day with another PB run split on what is one of the toughest courses outside of Wildflower or St Croix. Looking at Half IM run times in the 1:15’s is something I wasn’t even thinking would be possible at the start of the year. Pretty stoked about that. With my eye on Ironman Canada in August I’ve got to start thinking of getting into the low 2:50’s for that Ironman marathon. It’s doable.

My major hangup in this triathlon deal is coping with cold water and weather. Granted, I would far rather 55degree water with wetsuits as opposed to 69 without. There’s just something about the direct water to skin contact that sucks any semblance of warmth from my body. Surprisingly this cold business happens more often than I would like, and Quassy (again, surprisingly) was no exception. Losing a ridiculous 5 minutes to the big guns in the non-wetsuit, 69 degree swim. 8 weeks ago in Oceanside I kept that loss down to 2. I’ve got no shame in saying I need a wetsuit or warm salt water to give me a chance at being in the real race at the end of the run. It’s a shocking difference.

So yeah, the swim was what it was. Mentally I was extremely on edge for a few days once I found out the cut off was 68 degrees. I’m sure that didn’t help the outcome, but I also couldn’t find a positive light in the situation.

Prior to the race, after bitching about water temps to my coach, I received an email from him that read:
Remain Positive, a perfect day is not required for a great race. I did my absolute best to remain positive on the bike, but just could not shake my desire to drop from the race when, 30 min into the ride, I was still cramping and hammering the uphills to try and get warm. I knew I could run well though, and knew guys would blow up on this run course, so just couldn’t bring myself to call it a day without giving it a shot. With Boise 70.3 only 6 days away it was a bit of a tough call to make. Smashing my legs chasing a top 10 that was by that point probably 10 minutes in front of me is not the greatest recovery option. I had to keep at it though. At the end of the day, with a PB run split and a respectable 12th place finish, I’m thankful I ran it in. If I’d called it a day I have no doubt I’d be regretting it right now. I can now draw some strong positives in knowing I can lay some smack down on the run even when all else is at it’s absolute worst. Put me back on the line.

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~ by trevorandheather on June 8, 2011.

2 Responses to “From Quassy to Boise”

  1. “Put me back on the line”


  2. Way to hang in there and finish the run…

    Looking forward to seeing you as the IMC champion this year!

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