Trev – back to racing

I can’t remember never having raced during the month of May.  I had originally planned on racing IM 70.3 Florida in mid-May, but to be honest I just wasn’t feeling psyched to race on that course.  On top of that, the week prior I knew I’d have a few days of craptasitic training while being uber spectator at IMSG.

St. George Triathlon - Fun times

In retrospect I’m very happy with the decision.  I’m now focussed on Rev3 Quassy- a tough course, which I like,  and I’ve logged 6 great weeks of training (minus a few days of great crewing) since New Orleans. I also did a great little Olympic distance training race at the St. George Triathlon.  It was fun to race that distance in a very relaxed atmosphere. That race makes it two Olympic distance events in my triathlon life – the other being in 2004 as my first ever triathlon!

So yeah, off to Rev3 Quassy half iron distance in Middlebury, CT I go.  I have yet to race a Rev3 event and have heard nothing but great things.  My only concern at the moment is that they have a 68 degree F wetsuit cut-off for the Pro field.  That’s bloody cold for skin-to-water contact and I’m pretty sure I can’t pack on a pound of fat within the next 6 days to help with some insulation.  To give you perspective on my cold water tolerance – any pool below 80 degrees leaves me shivering.  Hawaii – I can’t just hang out in the water.  The sun has to be shining and I have to be swimming to stay comfortable.  So, fingers crossed that the water stays below 68 degrees for next sunday, or in some fluke of nature it rises to a comfortable race temperature of….say… 74.  Yeah, right.

Either way, I’ll have to come up with some sort of plan should they declare wetsuits off limits on race morning.  At the moment I’m thinking of waterproofing some sort of heat-pack; you know those little hand held, oxygen activated jobbers? We’ll see if that works, nothing like attaching bags of warm ‘sand’ to your body to help with floatation.  Maybe it’ll be good to have a non-wetsuit, 68 degree, swim.  I’ll just have to swim so crazy hard in order to stay warm I’ll have my best day ever in the water!

After returning to St. George post Rev3, The Triathlon Squad will be setting up shop in town for a month long training camp.  Before joining up with them, however, Heather and I are going to drive up to the Boise 70.3 – where again we’re dealing some crazy water temperatures.  That one will definitely be wetsuit legal given the swim takes place in what amounts to a collection of freshly melted snow.  I actually don’t mind that type of temperature for a half.  Some major hand and face pain for a few minutes, but so long as I’m out of the drink in under 26min…no problem.

Water temperatures aside, I’m fit and feeling ready to improve on some already solid races this year. I’m quite looking forward to getting back into it.


~ by trevorandheather on May 30, 2011.

2 Responses to “Trev – back to racing”

  1. Rev3 Quassy rocks! I’ve done it the past 2 years and had a great experience both times (even though my races sucked:) ). Be prepared for humidity! It’s suuuuper humid right now out here (I’m about 40 mins south of Middlebury). You’ll probably enjoy the cold water temps once you get out there and scortch the bike! Either way, good luck man! I’m gonna try to get up there and spectate-I’ll be the crazy guy yellin’ “Go! Go! Go!”

  2. Hey Trev – glad to hear you caught the invigorating bug. Stoked you figured out which races you are going to absolutely NAIL coming up!

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