Tucson Camp

Heather and Trevor Wurtele ride in TucsonTucson. I have a love hate relationship with this place. Last fall Heather and I came here for a couple months and we were pretty darn sure we’d never come back. Not long after that decision, we made the choice to join up with The Triathlon Squad. Now, decisions on where to train are made for us and Tucson was back on the menu. Honestly, you can’t beat the weather. It’s totally awesome. Except for when it freezes and all the cacti die – this is decidedly not so awesome. MOST of the time it’s dry and sunny, and this has got to be one of the main reasons athletes come here. That, and Mt. Lemmon. Lemmon is great. Trail running, too. Trail running here is epic.  Other than that, well, I’m not going to bad mouth Tucson too much ’cause I know many folks love it, and I’ll come here for the weather in future years.   Let’s just say it’s not on my top 5 list of best training areas.

Anyway, we’re 14 days into a 21 day camp in Tucson and we’ve got a rest day. A much needed rest day. You may have read AJ Baucco’s blog -not only did he touch on the fact that he’s willing to hook up with girls, he also snuck in that bit about The Squad’s training volume. Over the past two years, in the back of my head, I knew what the best guys in this sport were doing for training. I don’t know why, but I just didn’t think I should, or could, be training like that. I’m sure It really is that most people (my prior self included) are not willing to do that kind of work. Or they are willing but they don’t make it happen. It then becomes quite easy to settle with comfort training. Honestly, I don’t think I could have ever transitioned into this kind of workload on my own. Prior to joining the squad I was stoked to hit an 18 km swim week. I now ask myself why was I happy with that when I knew that guys I race against are hitting 30 km in the pool…at least. Some guys and gals are probably at 40+km. And long run weeks, why did I let those miles slide over the past two years? Not that I’m at all one of the best guys in the sport, but I do have plans to win big races.  I have no doubt, making a serious move in that direction started a few months ago.

I don’t mind putting myself down, I hate when others make fun of people (typical Canadian), but I can openly call myself out – especially in the pool. It’s been mentioned to me that perhaps I do this a little too frequently and it’s becoming a mental thing. So, I am officially done with negative emotions towards myself in the pool after one final story: Flip turns were not in my repertoire before joining The Squad in Las Cruces. I just never bothered, and I still curse the wall most of the time. Past coaches have tried to get me to flip turn, and I blew it off. Screw it, not important, why bother, no flip turns in a race. I’m just as fast (actually a fair bit faster, sadly) with an open turn. Somehow though, Paulo instilled fear in my mind. I quite literally started flip turning out of fear of Paulo. Not REALLY fear, maybe just respect and the fact that it’s pretty damn shameful to be a professional triathlete who doesn’t flip turn. On the first day of camp in Las Cruces, on the very first workout, after never having said anything at all except what was needed to get us through a 5500y swim, Paulo came up to me and looked me square in the eyes: “Trevor, you need to flip turn. This is the LAST we’ll talk of it.” That was that. I didn’t sleep at all that night and came to the pool the next day fearing drowning. Of course it’s kind of hard to go from swimming 18 km per week with no flip turns to hitting 30+km per week WITH flip turns. It’s getting easier, but it still requires a lot of uncomfortable motions every time I hit the wall. Swimming with this group of guys and gals has been awesome despite being way back at the end of every set. I’m sure it will break me out of the 53/54 minute Ironman swim funk I’ve been in for a couple years, not to mention letting me feel properly peppy on the bike.  Squad benefit number 1 right there, with many other benefits to speak of.

Well, time for another video. Lots of squad members are missing from this and I’m sorry about that. The camera comes out on our easy days…and our easy days don’t always coincide.

Unfortunately YouTube disabled the sound.  Bummer, I’ll fix it on our next rest day!


~ by trevorandheather on March 7, 2011.

4 Responses to “Tucson Camp”

  1. Good stuff Trevor (on many accounts)!!!

  2. great Video! looks like y’all are having a good time and training hard, cant beat that!

  3. Great blog post. I’m so impressed with The Squads dedication and team chemistry. You are all unbelievable athletes. Hope I get to tag along on a few more parts of a camp this year.

  4. Good for you Trev. Look forward to seeing you turn the corner

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