Forgotten post!

Never too late for a post.  Wrote this on the drive from Saint George and forgot to post it once we hit some wifi…so, happy belated new year!

2010 is about to leave us, so with that we will remember 20 totally awesome things, and 10 awesome things….in no particular order

#1. Being married for 4 years

#2. Lake and river swimming in the Okanagan valley

#3. Working with our great sponsors and using fantastic new products every year (Thanks AVIA, Blue, Rolf Prima, Aquashphere, and First Endurance)

#4. Being able to survive while doing what we love

#5. Having an 8 year old cat that behaves like a kitten

#6. Heather’s victory at Ironman St. George

#7. Riding up to the Kolob reservoir and Mt. Lemmon

#8. Having crowd favorite, skull blasted, fluorescent AVIA race kits

#9. Living vicariously through our many friends having babies

#10. Not having a baby ourselves

#11. Hiking in Zion National Park

#12. Making new friends around the country

#13. Visiting with old friends around the county

#14. Training in amazing locations like St. George, Tucson, Solvang, and the Okanagan valley

#15. Being able to drive away from bad weather

#16. Having fellow triathletes survive brutal accidents and make, or be on their way to making, full recoveries

#17. Not getting sick even once in 2010 (Thanks First Endurance OptygenHP and MultiV..and general good eating)

#18. Drinking Elephant Island ‘Framboise’ orchard wine on special occasions

#19. Monkey Burger and Yam Fries

#20. The INCREDIBLE luck we’ve had getting assistance from mechanically inclined individuals whenever we’ve had problems with the RV.

#1. Living in an RV for 2.5 years

#2. Buying our first cell phone

#3. Taking-in the Vegas Interbike experience

#4. Our inside joke from the movie Touching the Void: “STUPID!!”

#5. The amount of hair that kitten/cat leaves on RV upholstery

#6. Having a tan that lasted into December

#7. Learning the true meaning of sketchy in Tucson’s ‘more affordable’ RV parks

#8. Riding through the 1.8 mile long, PITCH black tunnel on the Trail of the Hiwatha before the snow had melted…without lights

#9. Getting awesome lights from Princeton Tec

#10. Joining twitter (@teamwurtele) and facebook


~ by trevorandheather on January 5, 2011.

3 Responses to “Forgotten post!”

  1. Great post but when I saw the title I was hoping it was Heather’s IMAZ race report. Is one in the works? Would love to read it. Good luck this season!

    • Hi Kathy,
      To be honest, I don’t think that race report is going to happen. When Heather has a race that she’s not too happy with, especially the last race of the year, she generally just likes to figure out what went wrong and move on. Normally she’d write a race report either way, but she’s going to take a pass on this one.
      All the best to you,

  2. No worries. Look forward to the next one then!

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