Back at it

Trev here.  Today marked our first day back to training.  Still very light with a 3100 yard swim and a 40 minute run, but that was enough!  Shameful how quickly fitness can disappear, despite staying relatively active over the past two weeks post Ironman Arizona.  We’re both excited about the year ahead, some big changes to come, both in the way we train and the races we’ll be doing.  Check out our home page for a quick run down.

Also, here’s another dorky home video that we put together.  Some cool scenery.

~ by trevorandheather on December 6, 2010.

2 Responses to “Back at it”

  1. Dorky? 🙂 no way, you guys put up some great vids! This one def didn’t dissapoint! great mtb footage as well. What type of cam do you use? I’ve been thinking of investing in the GoPro Hero HD, but it’s a lot of scratch to put down and I don’t know anyone that’s had one to get a good opinion on it. Anyway, looks like you guys have a great 2011 ahead of you! Rev3 Quassay rocks by the way! Did it the last two years. Even though I had terrible performances there, the course is awesome and the Rev3 folks are really first class.

    • Hey Dave, We don’t use anything special. Really just a 10 megapixel hand held camera with a video function. It is waterproof, however, which is pretty sweet for river swim videos! Those GoPro cams are sweet, I’d love to have something with image stabilization and a helmet mount. Shooting Mtn bike video with one hand on the bars is rough! The first endurance owner has something along those lines. He also has an Old version of iMovie that gives you the stabilization option. They took that feature out of the version we have. We even went out and bought Final cut express in the hopes of getting the stabilization thing….nope!!! Bastards. I think the newest version of iMovie has it now, though. Doubt we’ll pay for that, too. Annoying.

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