Training with a squad

Over the past two years, Heather and I have been training together quite a bit.  We’re in the pool together for every workout, we ride together most of the time, and our easy runs are side by side.  We really enjoy each others company – which is a must if you live in a 23 foot RV and essentially work together.  Many couples would have long ago disbanded!!

Despite enjoying our journey over the past couple years it’s time make a change and join a group.  It is without question that training together in the water, just the two of us, is returning negative gains.  No way is Heather a 56 minute Ironman swimmer, she’s proven that early this year with a lead pack swim of 51 minutes at IM St. George.  For myself, I’ve been a steady 53-55 minute IM swimmer for 3 years now – including a year where I worked full time and swam only 13km per week.  Essentially no improvement in the water. I’m sure much of it is mental and lack of others to help me suffer.  Swim training is the one sport I struggle to enjoy, it doesn’t help when you’re doing it by yourself all the time.  It is time for change.

Training on the bike is another thing.  Heather perhaps gets a little bit more out of training with me than I do with her.  Even so, we end up riding solo much of the time and we can’t help but think how good the benefits would be to see what other athletes are doing.  Have them push us to new levels and likewise push them to new levels.  Similar situation on the run.  It’s time to stimulate our training with other like-minded athletes.  We both need something to break out of this fitness ceiling – find the improvement and consistency I need to compete and move Heather towards her true potential.  Though, lets be honest here, she was 1st or 2nd in every race this year except the last two!  Pretty amazing year all said, but she wants to win them all and this move to training with a group is what is needed right now.

On that note, we’re committing to the new squad that Paulo Sousa is putting together.  It was a very tough decision to leave Nick White from Carmichael Training Systems.  He showed Heather the confidence and fitness she needed to win Ironman St. George and have a great season.  I have only been working with him for 5 months, it seems and feels incredibly wrong to be leaving such a great coach after he hasn’t even had a chance to see me race more than 3 times.  We need this, however.  We kept telling ourselves we could settle in to St. George this winter and pound out the great training side by side.  Deep down I think we both realized we’re starting to drag each other down.  The group stimulus and change in our approach to training is an exciting prospect and one we’re eagerly anticipating.

Camp starts on January 15th in Las Cruces, New Mexico.  Janelle Morrison was to be part of the group as well. Heather and Janelle would have pushed each other to new levels I’m sure.  Here’s to hoping Janelle comes through with a speedy recovery and joins us with the squad sometime next year.


~ by trevorandheather on November 25, 2010.

4 Responses to “Training with a squad”

  1. WOW!
    It looks like 2011 will not only be NEW, but EXCITING as well!
    “THE ROAD TO SUCCESS IS ALWAYS UNDER CONTRUCTION” and we wish you even more success than you had this year.
    It looks like there are plenty of RV Parks in Las Cruces, so we may even see you there in January/February

  2. Sounds like a good year will be ahead. Paulo’s squad sounds like it will be something the USA has been missing, stoked to see ya’ll part of it

  3. Excellent and tough choice I’m sure!!! Congrats on making the change!!

  4. Good decision guys. I have been doing too much solo efforts as well. I need a group as well!

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