Ironman Arizona Transitions

Trev here again.  I actually find this quite funny because it was one of the underlying ‘things I need to do better’ at this race.  My transitions: where I am always amazed to lose over a minute to the fastest guys.  Well, turns out I had the fastest T1 out of everyone!  Petty thing to look at, but I’ll take it, perhaps I should have finished so it actually counted!! Darn.  Maybe just testament to the awesome new Aqua Sphere Phantom wetsuit and ease of mounting the Blue Triad SL!! That has to be it!!  My T2 wasn’t quite as impressive, however, despite slipping into my shoes pretty quickly!  Well, if I need to win one discipline at a time to get this sport nailed – starting with transitions is alright with me!  If only improving on the other 3 disciplines was so cut and dry!

Heather’s race report is soon to follow.  As you know, she needs a few days to collect her thoughts.  I prefer to put it out there when emotions are raw!

Thanks for following, and thanks to our great sponsors for helping us to many great results this year.  Finding some consistency in the full Ironman arena has been tough, but you guys have been huge helping me go fast when the day comes together.  AVIA, Blue, First Endurance, Rolf Prima, Aqua Sphere, Custom House.  Many thanks.  Our product supporters as well, thank you for being part of our journey.

We’ve got some interesting news to announce soon regarding our training and racing plans for winter and 2011.  Really good stuff to come.


~ by trevorandheather on November 23, 2010.

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