Oompa Loompa Vibes

Race rig test ride

Trev here, I really don’t know why that subject line came to my head, but chose to go with it!! Feel free to delve into the psychology of that if you’d like.

Rough day at Ironman Arizona for me.  Frustrating part is I honestly don’t know if I just wasn’t fit enough, tired from a long year and the 4 Ironmans in a 365 day period, overtrained, undertrained or what.

On the swim – I was THAT guy.  The one in no-mans land, dropped off the 51-52 minute group and infront of the 56-57 minute group.  I’ve never seen an Ironman with two distinct groups like that, especially one with so many starters in the Pro field.  I had a great first 1000 meters, right in the mix and with the group that I knew would be fast.  At that point it was still upwards of 25 people, but being in behind a group that size is decidedly easier than trying to draft off of one pair of feet.  Would have been sweet! But alas, I got popped off the back and into Oompa Loompa land.  I kept swimming hard, knowing that they’d fan out at the turnaround, but the gap was too big to get back on, which led to an extremely lonely back-half of the swim – surprised to see 54 minutes on my watch after a solo swim.  I was expecting much worse.

Bike legs were good for the majority of the ride.  I paced it well with a 1:33 first lap and a 1:32 second lap – knowing that I had it in me to keep it pretty steady for the last one and come in under 4:40 for the 180km.  I fueled really well with EFS, drank a ton, and was set to put in a good final 60km.  Once the wind, hail and rain came up I knew it would throw off the pacing a bit so just focused on riding strong.  I really started to falter though, and the last 30km of headwind saw me go backwards in the field by a few places.  I kept fighting the Oompa Loompa vibes, but they were coming on strong!  I was happy to get off the bike and set my sights on running sub 3:00, which the way things have been going in training I figured was more than doable.

My run yesterday baffled me.  Absolute quad malfunction (technical term).  Not a fueling issue, not an electrolyte issue, not a hydration issue.  I’ve actually never had quad malfunction to this extreme before.  Yeah, they’ve been sore, but not debilitating.  Any blow ups have definitely been that distinct loss of calories from poor nutrition and gastro-intestinal distress, this was a pure muscular issue.  Come mile 7, 8, and 9 I slowed horribly, walked an aid station, took a good drink of coke, EFS, and water.  Then plowed onward for another 5 minutes to see if that would solve the problem.  After that, to be 100% honest, I just plain old did not want to walk 18 miles.  I love this sport, and maybe this sounds REALLY bad to some of you, but I really don’t care about finishing if I don’t finish within the goals I have set for myself.  I love that some have those goals, and I ABSOLUTELY had those goals too in the past -they matter, for sure!! But once you’ve had some good ones, and ‘finishing’ is off the list, it’s tough to go backwards and spin your wheels in Oompa Loompa land.  My optimistic goal for this one was sub 8:40, but would have taken anything under 9:00 in stride, or top 20 in this deep field. When that was out of the question I pulled the plug and am completely fine with that decision today.

Right now I’m thinking of giving the Ironman thing a break until late 2011.  Most probably hit up a bunch of 70.3’s and some Olympic distance XTerra events.  Rev3 series is looking really good to me right now.  Maybe something in that 5150 series.  I’ll see, 1 day after a bad race is no time to make decisions!


~ by trevorandheather on November 22, 2010.

4 Responses to “Oompa Loompa Vibes”

  1. That the pits Trevor!!! But that’s all part of it I suppose,…I wish you and Heather (congrats by the way) a FANTASTIC winter,…enjoy it, and keep your passion for life high!

    By the way,…why are the spokes of your Rolf wheel looking like they are bending in your first photo of you on your bike?

    Keep well!

    • Haha, the spoke bend is what happens when velocity approaches that of the speed of light. Or, perhaps just that the pic was taken with a phone camera and the shutter speed/quality aint all that and a bag-o-potato-chips!

  2. Keep your head up man, you’ll figure it out. Maybe taking a break from the Ironman stuff would be a good thing!

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