Where’s Wurtele?

Crazy, we’ve actually managed to avoid cold weather for almost a full year, – aside from most of the races we’ve done this year, anyway!  We came down south last November, spent winter in California, spring and summer back in the sunny Okanagan, and now back down south.  I’m not looking forward to the day we have to train in cold and wet again, this snow-bird business has probably sissied us up a bit.

Today’s sunny pics are from Sabino Canyon on the outskirts of Tucson.  Easy longish run day, and we took advantage of some trails. Our little scooter has been a lifesaver.  So far we’ve gone 400 miles, and filled up 5 times at exactly $2.50 per fill.  The thing goes 60mph (100km/hr) no problem (okay, slight problems at 80km/hr with two of us on there!).

We must say that we’re looking forward to leaving our god-awful RV spot in Tucson.  What a hole! It’s sapping the life out of us. I’d take a picture, but then you’d feel sorry for us and that’s not what we’re after!! We’re going to look at new spots tomorrow on our ride.  Finding something better is the only way we’ll be able to stay in Tucson this winter.  Most decent RV parks around here are for folks 55+…or they cost $600 per month.  Which, I’m sorry, but for a piece of gravel (or maybe even concrete, if you’re lucky!!!) 2 ft from your neighbour, is absolutely ridiculous.

Up in Phoenix, at the site of Ironman Arizona, we have a great homestay and we’re looking forward to hanging out with them. Prior to that, however, we’re going to stay a week or so in Tonto National Park to recharge the mental state.  There’s a nice couple campgrounds to choose from on the outskirts of Phoenix with easy access to a lake.  Perfect.

As you can see there are some pretty stunning trails to be found in Tucson.  There are also great outdoor pools to swim in, and respectable riding…though, I can tell you, if you’re thinking of coming to Tucson for cycling alone, there are a lot better riding options elsewhere.  We’re both keen to stay through the winter if we can move the homestead to a more respectable local.  If not, it’s off to St. George (now there’s some sick riding on traffic-less roads!), though it’s hard to beat the group environment around here and having the CTS folks around is pretty fantastic.

Once final thing.  If you’re doing Ironman Arizona, or know someone who’s doing Ironman Arizona, or will be watching Ironman Arizona – you’re in luck (or they’re in luck).  We’ve got a box or two (big boxes) of First Endurance goodies to give away.  Liquid Shots, water bottles, Ultragen samples, shirts, visors, maybe even a couple pairs of brand new bib cycling shorts.  We’ll be playing a little Where’s Wurtele game on twitter while down there.  So, if you want some free stuff make sure to catch us on twitter (@teamwurtele).  We’ll decided on some times, most likely during those morning swim hours where they ‘season’ the marsh and allow you to swim in it.  Location will be tweeted and you can come find us.  Or maybe you can tweet your location, mention @teamwurtele and @firstendurance and we’ll come find you?? Interesting.  Hmmm.  More to come once we iron out those details.


~ by trevorandheather on October 25, 2010.

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