While at Interbike this year we just so happened to wander by the Yurbuds booth. Pretty simple little booth, but a great product that we were very much in need of.  Heather sweats like she’s taking a shower, while I, for some reason, channel every bit of sweat that comes off my head straight into my ears.  Hence, we both destroy earphones like you wouldn’t believe.  Which is where Yurbuds come in. They actually hold your regular earbuds securely in your ear, they improve sound quality, and they protect them from sweat.

I love running with music and it’s a must for riding the trainer.  Riding outside with music can be alright, but more often than not I’m fighting to hear the music over the wind anyway, so don’t bother unless I plan on riding really slow in an area void of traffic (which Tucson doesn’t seem to offer).  Anyway, back to Yurbuds… they freaking rule.  I can finally run with music and not kill my earphones or have them fall out.  Yes, I’ve tried those ‘in ear’ ones as well.  No go.

I’m not one to listen to slow music when I run.  I generally lean towards the Rage Against The Machine, Offspring, Rammstein,  type of ‘melodies’.  I do make an exception for Madrugada, however.  Their music is mostly on the slow side of the scale.  I’m not talking slow as in candle light dinner.  Slow as in…. uh… listen for yourself, descriptive sentences are not my strong suit.

Anyway, we’re one week removed from the Austin 70.3.  Funny how you can feel so gung-ho for training two or three days after a half ironman, and by day 4 and 5 when you actually attempt to do said gung-ho maneuvers they don’t work so well.  Case in point – motorpacing today.  We bailed before even firing up the engine.  More out of respect for wasting 4hrs of our coaches time if it didn’t go so well.

We had yet to really test our legs post race so we decided to ride our own rides.  Goal for me in the 4 hrs was to hit 2 hrs of of Ironman pace work.  All of it after a steady first hour of getting into it.  For me that’s holding somewhere around 270 watts avg for the interval, which happily wasn’t too hard today.  Probably means motorpacing would have been fine. Oh well, good day regardless.  I have absolutely no idea what my actual wattage over the course of an Ironman really is (maybe we’ll get a race wheel with a power meter sometime), but I’d like to think I should be in that wattage area.  I do find it amazing how much I have to suffer on a downhill to hold the wattage up.  As soon as I hit a roller or small climb that exact same wattage feels like I’m spinning…regardless of being in the aero position or not.  Gravity, I guess.

We’re hoping at some point in the remaining two weeks we have left in Tucson to get to the top of Mt. Lemmon. Kinda shameful we haven’t gone all the way yet.  Still, our longest climb up was 19 miles of non-stop (pretty much) climbing.  That climb is awesome, but Ironman Arizona being aero position for everything except a few corners and the 5 U-turns, we’ve got to stick to the flats.  Regardless, we’re heading up to the top of that thing at some point.

Also today, aside from good music on our run off the bike, we both saw an Audi R8, and I saw a kinda cool looking 4 door Porsche sports car.  Neither of us are big car aficionados, but that R8 was downright incredible.  Looky here:

~ by trevorandheather on October 23, 2010.

One Response to “Tidbits”

  1. You’re going to need an Audi R8 as your pacing vehicle. 😀
    Then, Audi could be your sponsor, and you could make a commercial driving around the sweet ride with Madrugada playing in the back ground!!! You guys need a manager???

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