Back down south

Awesome travel mugs c/o Kathleen Kozak

Hey hey, Trevor here.  September has flown by! Wow.  We packed up pretty quickly after Ironman Canada and made the move south.  The drive down always takes longer than we want it to, so we decided to get it done while still recovering from Ironman Canada.  Last year we drove down the month before Ironman Arizona, thinking we could train along the way.  That turned out to be the worst possible decision we could have made.  Heather didn’t even start the race, and I was out to lunch right from the gun.  it’s really quite amazing how 2000 km’s of driving can mess you up.  This trip was no exception, but we did have the benefit of allowing ourselves not to worry too much about a few missed days of training. I even mastered the art of liquid mountaineering.  Video to come, you’ll be impressed.

We drove hard all the way to St. George, Utah where we put in a really solid week of training in and around the amazing landscape there.  That’s such a cool Ironman venue and we definitely recommend it.  It is a tough one, and not a course where

Snow Canyon Parkway - St. George Utah

you would go to set a personal best time.  But I can assure you, you would enjoy the day.

Bright lights in the seedier end of the strip near the KOA!

After that week of training we ripped down to Interbike in Las Vegas.  Pretty much the antithesis of St. George.  Go straight from the loving family mentality of Mormon country, to full on debauchery, sin and human greed.  Vegas sucks, it really does.  I can imagine you could have some fun if you had a ton of cash and not a care in the world about your health.  For us, we definitely don’t have a ton of cash, and our health is generally what keeps us going from day to day.  So yeah, Vegas sucks.  We would love to have gone to see a Cirque du Soleil show, but $90 each for nose-bleeds was out of the question.

We did, however, get treated to some amazing food by a few of our great sponsors.  Mexican at the indoor/outdoor (fake outdoors) restaurant of the Venetian courtyard

Fake outside inside the 2 billion $ Venetian hotel

with Blue and Rolf Prima.  Mexican at another scookum restaurant with First Endurance and Eric Wynn.  Then on our final night we had quite possibly the best sushi I’ve ever had at The Little Budha, with AVIA.  Oh yeah, can’t forget a buffet breakfast with our good friend Rob Zachery at a hotel ‘just’ off the strip.  We could see the bloody hotel from the Sand Conventions Center (site of Interbike), but with all the craziness that is Vegas, it took us, quite literally, 45 minutes to get ourselves there.  First you have to find your way out of the casinos, then you have to find your way out of the Venetian.  Once you’re about ready to kill someone from that experience, you have to negotiate The Strip, where trying to cross a street involves taking 3 different overpasses and 6 escalators.  Phew, breakfast was good though.

Beautuful new Triad SL

Vegas aside, Interbike was pretty cool.  We had never been and it was great to catch the show during its final time in Vegas.  It was really great to see all of our sponsors in person, check out the new gear for 2011, and seek out a few new products for the upcoming season…and possibly the end of 2010.  I think when all was said and done we spent at least 30hrs on our feet walking and standing around in 2 days.  This is not including the one day we spent at the outdoor demo.  We gave our feet and calves the best Ironman specific training they could have asked for.  In retrospect, and to any athlete thinking of going to Interbike in the future; go for Thursday and Friday, and that’s it.  Wednesday is chaos as all the dealers and vendors work their deals.  Same chaos on Thursday, though slightly less ridiculous.  Friday, however, most of the deals are done and an athlete would be a little bit better received when trying to sell oneself to prospective sponsors!  We did manage to make contact with a few new sponsors.  A couple of which are still in the works, but four great products we are now using are: Cobb saddles, Lazer Helmets, Princeton Tec Lights, and Yurbuds.  Stay tuned for a cool social media interview on twitter, and product giveaway care of Princeton Tec (@pteclights) and TeamWurtele (@teamwurtele).

Diggin the Princeton Tec Logo

We’ve now been in Tucson for almost a week.  Already we’re turning into early risers.  Up in the Okanagan there isn’t much point to getting your workouts done before 10:00am.  In fact, lane times are almost always better after 8:00am.  I don’t think we had to share a lane all summer in Kelowna, except for when we went to the early morning stuff.  Tucson, however, if you’re not done with your running and riding before 11:00am, you better hope you don’t have any hard efforts planned.  This is some insane heat, if ever I’ve felt heat.  On the bike by 6:00, or out running no later than 7:00 is a must.  Swimming waits until midday on most just because we need to ride or run first.  I can see why people come here to train, though.  We’ve had some amazing workouts so far –

Part way up Mt. Lemmon

really uninterrupted riding, some sweet trail runs.  You can really just put your head down and get the work done…once you’re out of town anyway.  Which always helps when you have a new mode of transportation – OOOOOhhhhh yeah, scooter time!!  Makes getting to new run terrain really easy!!

Our snazzy new scooter - yes we both fit on it!

Initially we were pretty blown away by the extreme sketchiness of some of the RV parks.  Essentially plopped down in industrial zones, or sandy lots with beat up old couches outside of trailers that haven’t moved since the 80’s, and rusted water and electrical outlets.  We were warned that it was tough to find nice places that aren’t exclusively 55 and older, but you really have to see it to believe it! We did manage to find something we’re happy with though.  Nice tenants, nice showers and laundry room, cheap rent, and amazingly good internet.  Better internet than we’ve had in years, actually.  Home for the next two months at least, maybe longer if we decide not to go to St. George.

We’ve got two races left in 2010.  Ironman 70.3 Austin two weeks from now, and then Ironman Arizona at the end of November.  We took an extended recovery period after IMC to ensure we can push hard through November.  This may have left us hurting a bit for the Austin race, but when it come time for those last two weeks of build for Ironman Arizona, we’ll have something in the tank.  Always tough to do when you’ve been hitting it hard since January 4th.

Anyway, this blog is getting way too long.  Thanks for reading if you got this far.  Hopefully now that we have a solid internet connection we’ll be a little more frequent with the updates…and photos of our new training grounds.




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2 Responses to “Back down south”

  1. Great to see that things are going well for you guys! Always inspiring to hear about your travels and training! Best of luck in your remaining training and races! Kick some butt out there!

  2. Sweet photos Trev!

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