Ironman Canada 2010 Race Report – Trev

I’m sure you all enjoyed some amazing online coverage on Sunday, right? Yeah, heard it was splendid. Lots of problems for the 7th year now. Get it figured it out tech guys!! There are websites out there that handle more traffic than that every day of their existence. Or, if you really don’t care about it, which it seems like you don’t, then don’t bother getting peoples hopes up.

Anyway, rant over, on with the race report!!  Heather will be writing hers tomorrow.  She needs a couple days to collect her thoughts!

It doesn’t happen very often where you finish 22 minutes behind the winner, under 9 hrs, and yet fail to crack the top 10. I am, regardless, very happy with the day. Overcoming some major cold, insane negative emotions, and running strong through through a lonely marathon. All huge success points right now. It’s been a rough go over my last 3 Ironman’s, so to bring it together last Sunday was a big step in the right direction and I look forward to carrying the new training philosophy into late season races and on to 2011.

We had a great lead up to the race. Lots of fun interviews, TSN even came inside the RV. Should be interesting to see what they do with those shots. They must be close-ups given that 2 of us, the camera guy and a massive camera could hardly move around. He even jumped on the bed for a couple shots. Also had a nice place to park the home and hang out in a real house and keep the legs up. Thanks for that, Trina!!

As for my race; Swim was respectable. Had an amazing new wetsuit in the Aquashere Phantom. Once revealed and put in to production we’ll give some more details – amazing technology that nobody else has thought of!! Once all the sorting out was complete, after 5 minutes or so, I found myself in a group which Heather was leading. Generally one of the worst places to be (for her). No saving energy, no draft, folks on your feet…nothing good. As we rounded the last turn, still 1.8km from the beach, I figured I’d give her a hand. I was really hoping someone else would take up the call ’cause I did not want to burn the energy, but, I left it long enough and was happy to give the money maker of TeamWurtele a break. After 15 minutes of that I finally had enough, slowed it right down to try and get someone to take over, did a couple back strokes and moved off to the side. Surprisingly even that didn’t trigger any aid right away. Clearly everyone was concerned with energy conservation over a fast swim. Eventually someone did take over and we came in for a low 53 minute swim (Heather swam off to the side to avoid dude that was pounding on her and was out just in front). So yeah, swim was a swim, and the past few months of increased volume did help with my comfort level. I used to swim 53/54 as an age grouper, but it sure was easier on Sunday.

About 140km of my 180km ride was solid and in control. Those last 40km, however, were absolutely torturous. Hard to pinpoint what went wrong, but my legs fell off for no obvious reason. Calorie intake was good, stomach was feeling decent, had a great group to pace with through 140km, comfy on the super fast Blue Triad SL, and really positive about my position in the race. After Richter pass we got ourselves down to 7 athletes, most of whom were pretty good about the draft zone, and with 9 guys up the road within about 10 minutes, the day was really looking good. On the false flats leading into the Yellow Lake climb, 3 guys (Bagg, Varbouseck, and Toth) decided to up the pace a bit. Right at that point I had to back off to see if a more relaxed effort would bring me around for the climb, where I could then ride it home strong.

Yikes, that didn’t happen!! But a badass rain storm sure did! Those of you who were out there yesterday know what that climb was like. I can without question say that was the coldest I have ever been in a race, and that’s saying a lot considering how cold the morning of Ironman St. George was earlier this year. Climbing up to Yellow Lake, looking at the spectators huddled in jackets and blankets, under tents and umbrellas, in their cars with windows shut, holding lovely hot cups of coffee… enjoying yums-yums and luscious goodies. F!! I hate to say it, but I despised the sport for those final miles of the ride. Had my old boss been there and asked if i wanted to come to work tomorrow I probably would have said, ‘what time do you need me there’. Haha, looking at it now, it’s crazy how those thoughts creep into your head. I’m sure you all had your own battles out there at that time as well, and congrats for getting through them…or, if it didn’t work out for you on the day, you’ll be all the more pleased with yourself when you make it next time.

Coming into T2 I really couldn’t imagine how on earth I was going to run a Marathon after nearly crashing from shivers, bonking hard, and plain old kicking my mental state to bits. I dismounted in T2 without much improvement in my mind set, yet miraculously my legs were light and fresh running through to the change tent. I just kept saying to myself, that people were going to crack on the run and I was going to run them down!! Once I started running I kept it on the side of easy for a couple miles just to make sure this new-found vigor wasn’t a facade. I was quite amazed that my legs were actually working after being two blocks of dead meat on the bike. I was also loving my choice of AVIA Bolts, the first time I’ve attempted an IM marathon in a super light racing flat (with shiny bling and uniform matching style at that!). I left a pair of cushioned running shoes in my Special Needs bag at 13 miles just in case the lighter Bolts started getting a bit thin for my feet. Thankfully they were awesome right the way through.

My plan for the run this time around was to keep my calorie intake higher than I ever have. In the past I’ve not forced enough down, and paid for it late in the day. Every aid station, with perhaps the exception of 2, I made sure to take a sip of EFS liquid shot, then water, then coke, and one more cup of water. The coke was an ‘on course decision’ and not in my pre race plan. The fizz made me barf every time I had it, but I was throwing up less than I put down, so calorically I was still good (on course logic). I kept waiting for the blow ups to happen up the road, but only very limited carnage came back!!! Kieran Doe and Tom Evans must have blasted themselves to bits on the bike ’cause they were out. Matt Lieto must have had a case of hypothermia going on ’cause he was walk/running wrapped with thermal blankets, garbage bags, and medical crew following his every step. Rough, but that was it, everyone just kept moving forward.

I would have loved a good hot day. I was totally prepared for that!!! I even froze a bottle of EFS drink for my special needs bag, thinking it might still be cold when I got there. Man, the thing wasn’t even thawed!!! I got about 2 sips out of it, the rest was a block of ice.  Oyyy.  I had some company for the return trip home, we traded ‘leads’ a bit, but after my second pee stop I couldn’t get back to him. I peed in my shoe while running a bit earlier, and wasn’t in to doing that again. Perhaps if that battle was for a higher placing!!

10 guys within 20 minutes of the win, man-oh-man this race is competitive. I’m inching myself closer to that win, it would be nice if I could chop chunks of time off, but inching closer is certainly fine if that’s what it takes. I want so badly to win, and will win this race one day (or some other Ironman). Lots of work to do, but lots of time in which to do it.

From here we start moving ourselves south.  No Hawaii this year, even though we both could have got a spot on Sunday.  Hard to believe it rolled down to 12th.  We’re both really thinking hard about IM Arizona, but before that we’re laying low and having a bit of time away from hard training.  Key priority now is getting ourselves to Interbike!!!  St. George, Utah, and Tuscon, Arizona are our ultimate destinations this winter.

See below for my nutrition report if you’re interested in what goes down the hatch on race day.

Thanks a bunch to Blue Competition Cycles for putting up the perfect bike and getting us new drive trains for this race.  If you’re thinking of a new bike for 2011, you’ll want to have a look at their offering when they reveal in a couple months…or maybe even at Eurobike next weekend.  Some sweet new upgrades to an already amazing frame.

Brian from Rolf Prima Wheelsystems!! Thank you again, so great to have you on course this Sunday.

Aquasphere – absolutely loved the new Phantom wetsuit.  Can’t wait until you tell the world what you’ve done with this one!!

AVIA – I will say, despite our rather ghetto looking logos, the outfit itself always gets some awesome cheers.  Your shoes have always worked well for me and was super pleased to rock some incredibly light, but supportive shoes for the entire marathon.

Custom House Global Foreign Exchange (AKA Western Union now)…love you, and I do not want my old job back despite what I was thinking for 45′ of the bike ride.  I love this sport and can’t thank you enough for being a part of Team Wurtele.

Nutrition Report:

With the two Ironman events I’ve done using First Endurance products I couldn’t be happier with their product.  Not only for race day, but daily training as well.

Morning breakfast:
Bowl of cereal – rice/corn based cereal with banana
150 Calories worth of Ultragen
…wish I could have ate more, but I was NOT hungry

Had about 100 calories of Ultragen while running to my bike

On the bike:
1350 calories of EFS liquid shot (carried 1600 with me)
650 calories of EFS Drink (started with 2 bottles of 200 cal, picked up 2 more at special needs, had to lose one for water)
Lots of water
2 salt caps just for the hell of it, but it was a cool day and didn’t need it.  Had 10 with me.
No solids, no fats, no proteins.  Had I needed something solid I would have grabbed a banana from an aid station.
Could really have used some hot-chocolate
Grabbed a couple sips of gatorade for a change of flavor, but never kept a bottle with me on the bike.

On the run:
600 calories of EFS liquid shot.  I carried a 400 calorie flask to special needs, then picked up a new one.
Lots of coke, at least 15 cups, not all of which made it in my mouth
13 miles in at special needs: 2 big swigs of EFS drink from a frozen bottle with ‘Pre Race’ mixed in.  Perhaps should have used a thermos for a nice warm cup of EFS instead of the block of ice!  Wasn’t warm enough to enjoy this.
Water: double the amount of coke.  Maybe went a bit overboard here, peed three times on the run, clear each time.  Would have been great if it were hot!
4 Salt stick caps, carried 13 with me


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7 Responses to “Ironman Canada 2010 Race Report – Trev”

  1. Congratulations on an absolutely incredible race Trevor. Can’t believe so many went sub 9, especially given the conditions. I thought you actually looked to be in really good shape coming into T2 – we caught bikes from several folks who were borderline hypothermic.

  2. “I want so badly to win, and will win this race one day (or some other Ironman).” I know it. I believe it. And can’t wait to see it. Congrats on a great race, pushing past the bs when most would’ve crumbled. You looked really strong out there and I pity your competitors the day it all comes together for your perfect race.

  3. Good write up man.


    I have a photo of the spaceman ballerina if you want it. 😉

    Safe travels, hope to see ya soon.

  4. “I figured I’d give her a hand” … now thats the cool part about racing with your SO, especially when she’s fast!

    Congrats Trevor on putting together a great day!

  5. Hey Trev – another great race, even if I was as frustrated as hell by the coverage online. Boy what a competitive field!! I really feel that you’re building your racing head and your season is coming. Enjoy your break.

  6. Impressive day Trevor, the field was fast! You looked focused out on the run when I yelled for ya! I was heading out to OK falls. Keep up the hard work, its definitely paying off!

  7. Great race Trevor and way to hang in there. Sometimes it is more man against himself instead of man against man in racing! Looking forward to see what you both sign on for next.

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