Fun in the Okanagan

Kalamalka Lake Provincial Park - looking down on Cousin's Bay

We are done our last big days of training and are starting to rest like champions.  It’s hot and sunny and full-on summer here in the Okanagan.

Here are some photos of the amazing places we’ve been lucky enough to train this summer. If it seems like we spend a disproportionate amount of time with our mnt bikes – well that b/c photo days are usually easy days, and goofing around on trails is great recovery!

We are completely spoiled by the clean, clear, turquoise waters of Kal Lake

Did I mention that Kal lake is one of my favorite places?

In the alpine at Silver Star Mnt - Vernon

Great trails in the Myra-Bellvue Provincial Park, Kelowna

Looking down from the East Kelowna plateau

Suswap River - ideal endless pool

The Gyro Swim loop in Kelowna

H's pretty foot after back to back 1/2 Iron's and a 2 hr run in new shoes

Leg icing in Bx Creek


~ by trevorandheather on August 16, 2010.

4 Responses to “Fun in the Okanagan”

  1. looks like a beautiful place to train!

  2. ever checked out Allison lake?

  3. Looks awesome, sadly we have only small stuff here in the UK.
    Great to see you guys doing so well, I’m actually Glens cousin in the UK!

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