Liquid Mountaineering

Trevor here (Just in case Jonnyo gets confused again).

Well, it turns out, training for Ironman is REALLY damn hard.  As such, we’ve decided to forget it and try a new sport.  Robert, from First Endurance introduced us to this sport a few months ago.  Since then we’ve been working on our skills, and now feel we’re good enough to rival the best.

This video sums up the sport nicely. Look for us at the world championships in the Sahara.  Thanks to AVIA and Aquashpere for working in collaboration to provide us with the ultimate Liquid Mountaineering shoe.

Also, a big congrats to my sister who just climbed Mt. Assiniboine in the Canadian Rockies.  That’s one cool looking peak!  Note: it probably has less snow on it at this very moment.


~ by trevorandheather on August 6, 2010.

3 Responses to “Liquid Mountaineering”

  1. Oh..Trevor, glad to see you are no board. I have only gotten about 8′ but think with more focus I can take it out to 12-15′ by the end of the summer. I found it takes a deep, deep belief that it can be done and fast feet. You and Heather may have an advantage with your flippers.

  2. Ok, I got to try that, I have done alot of mountaineering so maybe that will help.

  3. Wasn’t there some other guy who was able to do that but he only needed to walk? And I don’t think he wore a wet suit….hmmm.

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