Race and Nutrition Report from Calgary 70.3

Not sure why we fell off the blogging this past while but, here we are again.

Kelowna Across the Lake Swim

Two weeks ago was the Kelowna across the lake swim – Heather kicked my ass by over a minute on the 2.1km course. Was a fun race and a good jump to the day of training. Since that time we’ve really just been training smart and hard, with the focus on Ironman Canada at the end of August.

This past weekend we put together a little road trip over to the Ironman 70.3 Calgary. We didn’t train super long during the week, but we didn’t rest either. By the time Sunday came around everything was feeling really good despite some harder sessions early in the week, and about 2 billion mosquitos which sucked away at least 3 pints of blood.

We were camped about 400 meters away from the start of the race, which led to a slightly more relaxing morning. Almost too relaxing, actually. Trying to avoid the rain and cold I totally forgot to get body-marked and only strolled over to the swim start with about 10′ before the gun went off. I really didn’t want to be in the water any longer than necessary anyway, ’cause I was going to be fighting some chills regardless but, that was cutting it a bit close!! Thankfully my body was warm from a little jog to get to blood moving, and a new thermal cap by Aqua Sphere. It looks like your standard under the chin neoprene hoodie-thing. But, it’s actually made without neoprene, polyeurethane coated, which allows it to be extremely thin and comfortable, and prevents any unnecessary head-buoyancy from massing up your body position.

There were some ridiculously fast swimmers in attendance. Paul Tichelaar, Brian Fleischman, Kieran Doe, Jonathan Caron, and a bunch of ITU guys who know how to fly through the water. I started right in behind the group of speedsters, hoping that I could linger in their wake for 30″ or so and pop in to a group that was more my effort level. Sometimes that can be a risky start position as you know the entire field is going to gravitate in behind those leaders and squeeze you off on the inside of the first turn buoy. But, luckily with only 30 or so starters I avoided any major bumps and found myself in a group of 5, including Mirinda and Heather. Heather got knocked around a bit off the start and I was surprised to see her with me. It was a decent swim and I came out feeling pretty comfortable – even if I was a ridiculous¬†3.5 minutes down on the fish.

Finally, for the first time this year, I’ve broken out some respectable ride legs. A sign that for me that I’ve started moving forward in fitness again after a huge lull through April-May-June-July. Thanks to Nick White from Carmichael Training Systems for helping find the key to getting out of a rut. It’s that nice feeling when you can ride quite hard without getting bogged down by too big of gear – it just feels good, despite the effort. Slowly I started moving a bit closer to some guys in front . Kyle Marcott was up the road and I set my sights on slowly reeling him in. After going through Kyle on some of the wet, fast, downhill corners we rode together for a bit, it’s always amazing how much help it is to have someone sharing the pace, even if you are well back of the draft zone. You get an opportunity to stretch a few different muscles, take in some extra calories, and yet you know you’re not slowing down any because the guy in front has been moving along steady. Perhaps Kyle, being a local, knew something of the slippery corners that I should have taken in to consideration, he was clearly taking it very easy through the turns. Somewhere around 50 km in, after ripping through a wet corner, I ended up on my own again and set about reeling in three more guys up the road. After moving through that lot (through a wet, fast, downhill corner) and riding hard for another 20′ or so, I had to take a quick coast for a pee break. Again, absolutely amazing how taking a pee can bring new life to your body!! I managed to roll in to transition after a respectable ride sitting around 12th place knowing that the run would be my strength today.

Coming in to transition my feet were numb beyond belief. Absolutely no feeling at all. In fact, it took a full 6-7 km before they were feeling normal again. Slowly, little bits of feeling would come back but, for the longest time it felt as if my insoles were folded over inside my shoes, or that I had a big clumps of dirt inside my socks. My legs felt equally like big clumps of dirt, dragging themselves through the run stride with no pop or oomph. After one of the steep climbs I looked back to see Kyle coming back on me, still my legs were feeling heavy. I even started preparing myself to hang on to him for as long as I could but, as soon as we hit the top of the hill I managed to put in a little bit of extra effort and BANG; my feet came back to life, my legs started moving, my HR came down, my breathing got easier. New life!! The remaining 14km or so I put down a really really solid run to catch a few more guys fading or cramping. A nice 1:18:30 run for the 3rd fastest run split on a tough course. On top of that I managed to outrun Mirinda Carfree – which, if you know how many guys she’s chicked on run courses around the world, you can be happy with. Haha.

9th overall is solid and I’m happy with that. I’m definitely a good swim away from a great day but, next up is Ironman Canada and I’ve always had some good swims on that course so I’m looking forward to putting together a great day in 4 weeks time.

Nutrition report from Calgary 70.3:

– Bowl of ‘Rice Crips’ and ‘Corn Crisps’ with banana
-2 Scoops Ultragen by First Endurance
-Optygen HP and Multi V by First Endurance

30′ pre race
-100 calories of EFS liquid shot with water

On the bike
-3 x 200 calorie bottles of EFS drink (2 grape,1 fruit punch)
-3/4 of a First Endurance Liquid Shot flask (300 calories consumed) with a bottle of on course water

On the run
-Slightly dilute bottle of EFS Liquid Shot (consumed about 150 calories worth) with water from aid stations. Cold day so didn’t drink much.

Post race
-2 scoops of Ultragen to get the recovery going quickly
-Few bites of a turky sub
-Big lunch after an hour or so.

~ by trevorandheather on August 3, 2010.

4 Responses to “Race and Nutrition Report from Calgary 70.3”

  1. congrats on a great race Trevor! Sounds like your training is definitely paying off. You gonna rip up the course in a few wks! That impressive run! see ya in Penticton!

  2. Yeah well, it s easy to run fast when you have long legs….. I m buying myself a RV with KING size bed….. i want to be cool and live the life!

  3. I would say any time that any one doesn’t get chicked by Mirinda is a great day! congrats to both of you on another solid race. Really looking forward to Penticton; I’m racing a later season IM, so I’ll merely be spectating, but have a feeling you two are gonna lay the smack down!!

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