Calgary Ironman 70.3

 Well that was an exciting weekend!! I (Heather) actually grew up in Calgary (we moved to BC when I was 14) and I lived about a block away from the run turn-around on the south side of Glemore park.  I spent a lot of time riding my bike around the Glenmore Reservoir as a kid and it was great trip around memory lane.  I remember when a ride around the reservoir was a full day adventure, with a picknick stop part way, and maybe a dip in the river, but it took us all of 40 min to ride around it easy on Friday! ha! Funny how things change. 

Still, the trail made for a rather challenging run course – weaving thru the trembling aspens, up steep little hills and around corners that all threatened to break your stride. The knowldege that Mirinda was running her usual blistering pace behind me was motivating for sure, and I was quite happy to hold her off for as long as I did, and even happier to keep her in my sights for awhile after that!  Seeing Linsey blitzing her way thru the field was another motivator for sure, but fortunately I didn’t see her again until the champange for the top 3 at the finish. 

We had a pretty fun “Peoples Press Conference” on Friday evening where the crowd could ask a large panel of pro athletes questions.  It was great to catch up with the Corbin’s, visit with the great contingent of Canadian athletes and get to know some other pros as well.  Triathletes always seem to be a fun, jovial bunch, but apparently we are too nice and polite, so to try to stir the pot a little the race announcer asked Linsay and Mirinda who they thought would win on the men’s side, and Kerian and Trevor who they though would win for the women.  Trevor, always honest, said that he’d have to vote for his wife but that I may get run down by Mirinda. The audience – ooo’d – like “oh man, you’ll be in the dog-house for that one” but I just laughed and said “oh, no I’m not mad about that. We keep it real in the camper. Mirinda is one of the strongest runners in the sport, and she’ll post a faster time than many of the male pros, so I wouldn’t be ashamed by being caught. I just hope I can get a big enough lead off the bike!”. 

Rainbow out at Ghost Lake

Maybe we are too honest for our own good, but a sub-standard swim on my part after a serious pummeling at the start, and a strong ride (fastest bike split – thanks to Blue Rolf Prima) had me only 2 min up on the field off the bike and Mirinda caught me at just around 8km. Incidentaly, this was right as Trevor ran past the other way! Ha, we both had a good laugh over that one!! 

It is an odd experience to have someone’s lead cyclist come up beside your lead cyclist, and the camera crew right there to film the pass. When you are both running hard, that pass takes a LONG time and it was a great, motivating, lesson for me. Some quick math: Mirinda ran in 1:20, I took 1:25. So that means she was going 15 sec faster/ km than I was, which means that with a 2 min lead, she’d take about 8k to catch me, which she did. This also means, that if I am 15 sec up the road, it takes a kilometer to bridge the gap, which is quite awhile! So if ever someone seems to be super close behind you after a run turnaround or something, always remember that it isn’t as close as it seems and keep pushing for all you’re worth! 

Awesome pre-race ride on the bike trail from Canmore to Banff

We went into this race tired after a big training block – the focus being the build for IMC – and I was super happy with the result. Thanks to the excellent training plan of my coach, Nick White from CTS (and my nice new racing flats from AVIA) I am starting to have some speed on the run and growing confidence that I can keep it together after riding with my usual passion! 

Lake Minnewanka

We are absolutely loving our new Aqua Sphere wetsuits and goggles, and huge thanks to the folks at CycleOps for being super cool and sending me a new Power tap monitor after I left mine on the roof after a training ride and drove away! 

I know that finally having my nutrition dialed is a big part of what has enabeled me to finsih 1st or 2nd in every race so far this season – and I couldn’t race or recover nearly as well if it weren’t for all the products from First Endurance

We are back in the Okanagan now and will be heading  down to Penticton for some training before IMC. I can’t wait!! 


~ by trevorandheather on August 3, 2010.

7 Responses to “Calgary Ironman 70.3”

  1. eh..those pictures make me want to move!

  2. i just wanted to comment that i dont really like your blog. It s so comfusing to know who is writing what? trevor? the fluffy cat? or heather? i never know who and it s way to comfusing for me so i will simply stop reading……..


  3. congrats on another SOLID race, looks like its beautiful near Calgary. closest I have been in Kananaski near Canmore.

    Excited to see you kick some butt at IMC!

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