A few pictures from the Vancouver International Half Iron

Big thanks to the organizers for putting on the Vancouver International Half Iron. They do a great job at all their races and managed to put together a nice prize purse for the Elite event on the weekend.  You can read their press release here if you’re interested.

Heather and I are both fairly happy with the race. While Heather rocked the swim (I wasn’t too far back), we both didn’t feel like our ride legs came around in time for this race. Despite some unusual suffering for that portion, we ended the race with two strong runs and were super happy with our fitness improvements there.

It was a lot of fun to race at home against some very strong athletes.  Not just triathletes either, lots of Olympic rowers and swimmers came out to mix it up.  On the men’s side, Jeff Symonds was clearly the favorite and didn’t falter.  With numerous podium finishes at Ironman 70.3 events I’m sure he’ll win a really big one soon.  Second place, Stephen Kilshaw also put together a consistent race to hold me off. Heather and Magali were head to head all day, with Rae Shaw blasting her way towards the two leaders on the bike, so it made for an exciting women’s race.

I was happy enough with the day.  My swim was decent off the start and was right where I thought I needed to be.  Unfortunately I got gapped a bit after rounding the first turn buoy and couldn’t jump around to get back on the train.  Nonetheless, I felt strong on my own and was able to keep the gap from opening up too far (outside of Jeff who was about 3′ ahead). With the current and the waves and sighting choices it seems like people were pretty dispersed in general.

On the first lap of the bike I rode quite hard to try and bring Stephen Kilshaw and Mike Neil back.  I managed to reel them in to within 15″, but then I had to let off and just settle in to something a bit more comfortable. Perhaps it would have been better to more patiently pluck away at that gap, but I could see them up the road and not far off at the 3 different U-turns per lap so had to keep giving it a shot.  Luckily for me, Chris Boudreau came back from those two and we ended up sharing the pacing for the remainder of the race.  Always nice to have someone to keep the pressure on when your legs are giving out.

I was a bit annoyed at how far behind I was coming off the bike, surprised is probably a better word, actually.  I think as my swim fitness improves, and the change in training over the last five weeks sinks in, I will start to see some stronger bike rides.  I know I can lay it down in training, so I am just waiting for it to really come out in my races.  Lots of time left in the year.  For the run,  I managed to kick off a good one.  Working my way up from 5th/6th off the bike and up into 3rd for the finish.  This I can definitely trace back to the last 5 weeks of speed work.  Everything just felt nice and smooth and was able to keep solid pressure on without feeling like I was going to explode.

Things are coming around and fitness will continue to build through Ironman Canada for sure.  Next up is Osoyoos Half this weekend.  Looking forward to racing with a powertap and getting some numbers to have a look at.  Perhaps I’ll put them up on the blog…if they’re good, haha.

Great to have my mom and dad, sister and Nana all out to cheer for the day, and it was a blast to catch up with all our triathlete friends from Victoria. It was pretty funny to watch Jasper Blake try to ride Heather’s bike – his feet just barely reached the top of the pedals!


~ by trevorandheather on July 5, 2010.

4 Responses to “A few pictures from the Vancouver International Half Iron”

  1. Trev – might be wrong – but is this your first podium in a substantial race as a pro. Congrats either way. More to come bud.

  2. congrats on a solid race you two! Sounds like a solid day at the office. Nice, almost sub-4 Trevor! See you in Osoyoos!

  3. Well, it’s not the biggest race out there, but I’ll take it on the day. Funny enough I was 3rd at this race a couple years ago behind Andrei Yasterbov and Chris Brown.

    Definitely see you in Osoyoos Matty. Please track us down, I have a vague idea of what you look like from seeing pictures, but everyone looks different in person.


  4. Congrats-you are both famous! IM Utah aired on Universal Sports-national television (!) the other day. They had great coverage of the race….and how difficult the course was! Making plans to do it again next year? Hope you both have a great race in Canada next month!

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