What I love about mornings

We’ve had a few hard weeks of training up here in the Okanagan and are taking a much needed rest day to clean, write a blog post, get hair cuts etc…
I’ve had to sit down in the tub during my post-training showers the past two days because my legs were so fried. Trevor said that he’s never done this – to which I had to quip “maybe you aren’t training hard enough!”.  Ha ha, mostly his showers take all of 2 minutes. I doddle.
Anyway we’ve got some great sessions in the books. Yesterday capped off a solid week with a 5k swim (main set – 3x(6×150) on decreasing rest for each group of 6) a 5 hr ride with some hard tempo intervals and a 5k run off the bike. We are starting to feel like we’ve got some speed as well as endurance!
With hard training comes variable moods, and a need to center yourself when things don’t go as planned. I find that a sense of gratitude goes a long way. I’ve wanted to write about this since St. George, but, well time flies!
Ironman triathlon is a challenging sport – super physically demanding – but it is also a unique beast mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I definitely race better when I’m happy and I store up  all sorts of good karma before races to get me through the day. Oftentimes I draw my energy from nature and the beautiful scenery that we get to train and race in, often I get my inspiration and strength from thoughts of the amazing people we’ve met and it always seems to come down to an overwhelming feeling of gratitude. Wow look at what I am out here doing! So many people care about me! It is so amazing that I get to be here right now!
St. George was definitely a special place for us. We met so many nice people and felt totally welcomed to the community. It may not seem like a big deal, but just seeing smiling faces at the Washington community rec centre everyday, and talking to people who were super excited about Ironman, went a long way to topping up those positive energy stores for race day.
After the race I got several e-mails from families and individuals who felt compelled to write because I – little ol’ me – did something to inspire them. Be it smiling and waving out on the course, giving a kid a high five, or just being a 6’2’ woman (go tall chicks!);  little things can leave big impressions. Swimming, biking and running full-time could be a pretty shallow existence – but seeing how much your own dedication to excellence moves people makes it all have meaning.
Thanks so much to all the people who heard my IM talk interview or read something in the news, found our website and got ahold of us. It really means a lot.

The Leyvas

And then there are those special people whose lives have become part of ours through triathlon and often totally by chance. The Leyvas down in Santa Ynez California who we met through Chuckie and have since turned into our life-long friends and adopted family. If we weren’t able to park our camper on their ranch for FREE over the winter and train in the lovely CA sun, we wouldn’t be nearly as fit, nor financially solvent right now!  Watching “Project Runway” on our Thursday girls night or playing clue, volleyball, or having Trev kick all our butts at Foosball was always a great break from our usual routine.
Then there is my very first Ironman homestay in Coeur d’Alene – the Kozaks. Or Trev’s homestay in Arizona – the Zacherys. More friends who feel like family, and who actually seem happy to have us park our camper at their places for weeks at a time! I’m not sure which is more fun, jumping on the trampoline, playing in the pool, or watching their kids do youth triathlons/duathlons!

The famous Kestrelle Kozak double-bounce!

Oh, and the Leslie’s from Kona. Last year, Trev and I were at the bike shop trying to get a cab to  take us to our little basement suite with our new Blue bikes in boxes (we couldn’t afford  a rental car). Linda and Paul who just happened to be there, overheard, and offered us a ride in their truck. Then they invited us for dinner and gave us the inside info on training routes, and oh my goodness, a few weeks ago Linda calls me up in Kelowna, from Hawaii, to congratulate me on my race! It was so great to hear her voice.  People are so cool!!

Jack and Amanda Zachery cheering for Trev at IM AZ

Well, most people. I try to remember these things when I get a slurpie cup thrown at me by a passing car during a ride, or someone yells at me b/c I splash her hair while swimming in the lane beside aqua-size class. Sometimes we complain about our tiny bed in our messy 20 ft living space and imagine what we’d do differently, but we always end up with goofy smiles thinking “lucky us!” We lead pretty charmed lives and we are very grateful to be on this journey.


~ by trevorandheather on June 14, 2010.

3 Responses to “Gratitude”

  1. I completely agree with the feeling of gratitude powering great workouts and even better race results. I have only done a handful of races, but with over a year of training ahead (well 6 months in now) for one race in November I find myself searching for reasons to stay motivated and stay positive. Dropping f-bombs at every tiny thing that pisses me off doesn’t really get me anywhere, although I refuse to let go of the underwater swearing – it’s a skill that I’ve worked hard on. Looking forward to watching you and Trevor do some serious dusting at Vancouver in a few weeks. I actually look forward to you guys lapping me, but only once please! BTW, especially jealous of the awesome new race kits you two have. I have come to embrace the whole chicks=pink thing and the skulls add a badass touch.

  2. this was a GREAT post! Positive is all around, its what we do with that is what I feel can make or break a long course athlete. Sounds like all is going well, see you on the tarmac in July!

  3. You’re just getting back what you’ve given out. Thanks for pumping me up over the years!!!

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