Change it up

Well, we’ve planned out the rest of our season, finally.  We hadn’t really thought much past St. George all winter.  That was the goal and all energy was going in to that one race.  Thankfully, that all worked out pretty much as planned.  Not quite the way I (Trev) wanted, but Heather coming away with the win was killer.  After a tough end to 2009 seeing her back on top was a huge boost to the moral.

We’ve decided to keep it local for a bit.  Normally we tend to race in the States as much as possible, but this time round we’re going to try something a little different, sticking with some local races.  Next up is the Vancouver International Half Iron on July 4th, some good prize money there and they do a great job with media coverage.  The week after that we’ll jump in to the Desert Half Iron in Osoyoos; organized by Joe and Sarah Dixon who head Outback Events.  It’s a fantastic race that takes place on the Ironman Canada course.  After that we’ll get back into the Ironman brand events with Ironman 70.3 Calgary on August 1st as our final long-course triathlon prior to Ironman Canada.   Outside of triathlon specific events, the Okanagan has some sweet open water swim races.  The big daddy being the Rattlesnake Island swim, a 7 km hammer-fest 2 weeks out from IMC.  The perfect last, long pre-Ironman swim effort.  With Heather’s new found swim prowess, and my determination to kick her ass in the water once again, we should smash last years time by at least a few minutes.  I’m hoping my sister and dad can run kayak support for us again this year.  Without them we would have ended up at the wrong beach like so many others.

Along with the race schedule change, I’ve switched coaches.  Chuckie helped me learn a lot about training full-time and he’s a great guy to be around, especially as a hands on coach, but I needed a change and a fresh set of eyes.  Heather’s swim coach, David Saintsing, from Boulder, clearly figured something out on her behalf.  At St. George she smashed her old swim PB by 3 minutes.  I’m kinda sad that she gets to take the bragging rights as Team Wurtele’s fastest open water swimmer, I held the reigns on that for a couple years, hehe.  David agreed to help me out as well, the biggest change I’ve seen so far is lots of kicking (4 x 400m kick set yesterday) and lots of volume (4000m seems to be a recovery swim).  A definite mental switch was required to accept the need for increased pool time.  For the bike, run, and general planning I’ve also teamed up with her coach from Carmichael Training Systems – Nick White.  Training there has changed as well, with a different philosophy and approach to the daily training…and our new gadget -codename: PowerTap.

This past week was our first real week back at it.  For 3 weeks post race we were out fairly consistently, but on the Mtn bikes more than the road bikes, hiking/jogging more than running, and swimming aerobically most of the time.  After a few max effort tests this week, to get some post Ironman baseline numbers, we’re moving forward.  It’s been a long time since I’ve smashed myself at max effort like that, but I’m feeling good about the effort and there’s some respectable wattages and pace times to work from.

I also wanted to give a quick shout out to some of our non-product sponsors:
Custom House, A Western Union Company: I used to work for Custom House, actually left just as they were being bought by Western Union.  They help us out with a couple expenses – a huge help to get us where we need to go.  They also take care of our need to transfer money back and forth between Canada and the US.  If you find yourself traveling and have a foreign currency bank account they could probably save you some coin on those exchange rates.

Cougar Canyon: My dad and his partner Lynne run this small but very classy woman’s clothing store in Vernon.  They carry some great women’s fashions by top name canadian designers so if you need to buy your wife, or yourself, a nice new outfit…check ’em out.

More soon.


~ by trevorandheather on May 27, 2010.

6 Responses to “Change it up”

  1. hmmmm, some of those pics look familiar

  2. Still reading up on you guys! I hope all is well! Good vibes your way from Saint George Utah.

  3. Good to hear all is well with positive changes in the process and your on the path to being the faster swimmer again 😉 See ya in Osoyoos! Looking forward to climbing Richter for the 1st time, unless I get up sooner.

  4. If you need a quiet place to park the RV in Vancouver for the July 4th race, we’ve got a gravel pad in our backyard (in Coquitlam tho’)…

  5. Awesome post! I can’t wait to read more.

  6. Would love to catch up in Osoyoos! I am planning on volunteering that race, so will cheer you on for sure 🙂 Also, my place is always open in Vancouver – Let me know. You two make me smile.

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