Trev’s IM St. George Report

I’ll start it off with a silly video that has nothing to do with the race:

Heather did indeed absolutely rock out on Saturday.  It was great to see her cross the line live.  I missed her first Ironman win in 2008 and I’m glad I got to catch this one.

My day wasn’t awful, but it was far from good and I really don’t know what went wrong out there.  My head space on the start line was awesome, my confidence in the training was decent, and I was totally set up with a race plan to nail a great day.

I could put a positive spin on 13th place in an Ironman, and my initial thought was to do so.  But to be truly honest, I am not pleased.  My training had been solid and I knew I could have a good one.  Having trained and raced along side Heather much of the past 5 years we can pretty much cross-reference race times in accordance with good or bad days.  Granted, I pretty much knew she’d beat me out of the water on this one, but to have a slower run split, and a bike split not much better, I am left wondering “WTF”.

Throughout the swim I was happy with where I was, I could see the lead group slowly pulling away, but I’m used to that and I didn’t expect to pull off anything crazy in the water.  My group went through at what was a comfortable pace, essentially setting up a long day ahead without an issue.  A good balance between comfort and effort.

Within 10 miles of the bike I was hurting through my back and quads, but trying to stay positive, telling myself it was just the cold and I would soon warm up once I got rolling.  Well, I warmed up soon enough (thanks to wearing a full sleeved jacket/jersey), but that nagging lactate burn just kept hanging around no matter how easy I went and no matter what cadence I churned.  I still managed to hold together a respectable pace and ignored the fact that splits were putting me 12 minutes behind the leader…and 2 minutes behind Heather, 35 miles into the race.  The remaining 87 miles went by on par with the first 35.  Outright uncomfortable and wondering who stole the ride legs I had over the past 4 weeks on those same hills.

Laughing with ASI guys about Heather coming up behind me.

My race with my wife aside; with 5 miles to go on the bike, I was starting to really worry about the run.  I was so sore in my low back and quads; more than I can ever remember in an Ironman.  More sore than even the longest, hardest training ride I’ve blasted in the past 4 years.  But, within a mile of running that all went away and I was starting to feel pretty good about the 25 miles ahead.  Mile 13 went by without much of a hitch and was still within shouting distance of 10th place.  My winter long goal of top 5 was way down the road and not even in the realm of do-able, but mentally I was still in a good place.  Definitely laboring physically, but I was happy to see Heather well in front and running well.  I had been taking regular sips of EFS liquid shot, lots of water, some extra salt…energy was good, but clearly slowing down from the previous miles.  Mile 17, however, is when something left my body.  I walked an aid station to take a good swig of EFS liquid shot and water, and that was about the last of any semblance of running.  It was now jogging at best.  Reduced to walk/jogging at mile 22.  The last 3 miles of the race were pretty rough, resigning myself to moseying to the finish.

I was, however, extremely happy to know that Heather was going to win it.  That pretty much erased any negative emotions I had about my day and was pleased to sit on the grass and munch on post race food while she attended to her post victory duties.  My first Ironman EVER (with the exception of IM Arizona in 2008) where I was able to eat post race food with no stomach difficulties or med tent visits.  The bright star there is the First Endurance product.

From here I’ve got a bit of sorting out to do.  I worked damn hard for this race and can’t hide the fact that I’m not happy with the outcome. The lack of improvement is very tough to take.  Training and build up to this one went 95% according to plan.  Only 2 very small set backs, other than that I really thought I had put the work in to make it a good day.  Most of the time I do something wrong on the day (IM Canada last year) or go into a race unprepared (Ironman Arizona last year), this one though, I did everything that I believed to be right and am left wondering where the problem lies.

This sport never leaves you with a shortage of things to figure out.  Ironically that’s part of what keeps driving me to train and race.  I hate when something gets the better of me, and I will get the better of Ironman sooner or later.

See you at the races.  We’re lucky enough to go hike for a few days in Zion national park so will be offline til next week or so.  More pics to come you can bet.


~ by trevorandheather on May 4, 2010.

9 Responses to “Trev’s IM St. George Report”

  1. Nice race recap Trevor and great video..your day will come. All that great training is not’ll no doubt be able to pull from that in a future race..maybe Canada-A.

  2. We will be watching you both now – thanks for the details … It’s nice to read since I will never experience such a thing as an ironman. Enjoy Zion!

  3. Sorry that the race didnt unfold in your favor, a bummer indeed. I was watching on internet when they took that picture and they just said that Heather was about to leave T2, so I was guessing that was why you were smiling 🙂 Keep up the hard work, I will be out on the IM CDA course screaming and cheering!

    But that’s a great video you put together, those little robot things are hilarious!! had me laughing.

    • They are called “noggin boppers” which makes them even more awesome. Need to have the volume up at the end for the Austin Powers clip.

      • the volume was good for the Austin Powers part on my end, twas darn good too, I was one of the dorks repeating most of the movie when it was released 🙂

  4. Hey Trevor, Sorry your day didn’t go quite as planned. Remember some of the very best had to try multiple times before they really nailed a good race. People like Mark Allen, Peter Reid, maybe you’ve heard of them. 🙂 Keep training/racing hard you two inspire me.

  5. Hi Trevor- give it a few days, some separation, hopefully whatever happened will come to you. sorry to hear about your back problems, that will make anything difficult, ugh! back pain can be referred pain from somewhere else (abdomen, etc). I would also think cadence with your legs, but you already tried altering the cadence, so then I got nothing!

    Great job though, you’ll get it soon enough, and we’ll still be cheering you on!

    Love the video, both of you enjoy the hiking and rest time.

  6. hey, nice video. Yah trev it sucks that things didn’t workout as you planned.You are one of the strongest ppl I know, and I know you will get it figured out. Your day will come.

  7. Repair, reboot, regroup, rebuild, redo with success. Unwards and always looking upwards – go to it Trevor! Best with future preparation and execution!

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