10 dolla buffet in Hurrican

One thing we are DEFINITELY going to seek out is some form of portable internet that works in both the US and Canada.  Hopefully without paying ridiculous monthly fees.  Anybody know of one such device that doesn’t hold you to a contact for 3 years??  Keep in mind $75/month is way out of our budget.

Other than trying to track down WiFi we’re doing great.  I (Trev) finally had a training day where I can really feel some of the freshness coming back into my legs.  Still lots of swimming on tap, a couple more long rides to go, but last week was very light on the run volume and my cycling legs are loving it.  Heather is killing it too, really riding strong, running fast and steady, swimming better than ever before…I do fear this may be the first race where she beats me out of the water (she’s probably got me before, somewhere!!), but I tend to pull something crazy out of my arse when I pull on a wetsuit, so maybe I can stay on her feet.

After a fairly hefty day today we decided to treat ourselves to the Panda Buffet.  Cooking dinner was not rated high on our ‘things I want to do’ list.  It was basically an Americanized Chinese food buffet – for $9.75, all you can eat.  Complete with Baked Salmon, Shrimp, Sushi, salad buffet, desert buffet, and oh yes, the crap load of deep fried stuff.  Which I ate sans guilt.  It would have been a priceless picture to have two of the thinnest, tallest, ripped, people in this whole area sitting amongst South Western Utah’s finest buffet eaters.  Wow!!  Needless to say we stood out, but I can almost guarantee I ate more for my $10 than any of the 400 lb dudes/gals in there.  People unabashedly stare here, it’s quite funny.  Then again, a 6’ 2” woman with 5’ long legs would probably deserve a second look anywhere.

Here’s some more pics of this incredible area.  I’ll try not to spill my bed time bowl of cereal on the keyboard while parked on a side-hill outside the library…yes I’m still hungry after an all you can eat buffet.  Oh, and the subject line (Hurrican) is a purposeful spelling mistake, that’s how you say it down here  (we’re staying just outside Hurricane, 15 miles east of St. George).

Just outside of Zion National Park

Turned away at the gates of heaven - couldn't afford the $12 each!

Riding up Kolob Reservoir Rd.

Kolob State Park with nice red asphalt

Long, steep climb

Plateau at ~6500ft

Cooler on the way down

pretty nifty scenery

Hot again, bye bye shell

Water break

~ by trevorandheather on April 19, 2010.

10 Responses to “10 dolla buffet in Hurrican”

  1. Great pictures Team W. I find the red roads are a nice touch for the surrounding landscape.

    Will you be racing with the power meter in a few weeks ?

    • Hi Mike, That red road was very cool. We unfortunately didn’t even get to the end of it and it doesn’t look like we’ll get another chance prior to the race. All the more reason to come train here sometime in the future. Maybe even next winter…though that road is probably snowed in. As for Power – we will not be racing with power. Just training. It’s our first time ever using a power meter on the road. Should make for some great training session later this summer. I honestly don’t think I would even want to race with power. It’s very distracting, but that could also be because it’s a new gadget…and I love new gadgets.

  2. It actually sounds more like Hurikin to me…

  3. Re: Internet access, you can usually add a basic data plan to a cell phone relatively inexpensively, especially if you’re on a two-year plan (not sure what you do given travel to Canada). Many, if not most, phones that support email and have blue-tooth allow you to tether your phone to a laptop (a bluetooth dongle for your laptop is really inexpensive). Speed won’t be fast, but it’ll work pretty much anywhere you have a cell signal and is great backup when not near a free coffee shop wifi connection….

    Good luck at IMSG!

  4. Trevor/Heather – nice stuff on the blog, glad you guys are here! The tourism office is working on a video for the welcome banquet, would love to hook up for a quick interview Monday or Tuesday. Please email me if you are up for it.

  5. Hi Trevor and Heather… Have a SPECTACULAR race Saturday. You may not be able to hear us over the mountain ranges, but there will be a bunch of Oregonians cheering you on as we always do! Rock it team Wurtele! Woohoo!

  6. Heather and Trevor,
    Ditto on the “cheers” from over the mountains in Kelowna.
    Everyone here sends their good wishes.
    Go out and show them what you are made of!
    Mom & Dad

  7. I hope you are ready for a cold swim! I read that it is 58 F as of today. Yikes.

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