Training in St. George

3 weeks now until the inaugural Ironman St. George, Utah.  Heather and I have been here for 1 week so far, enjoying some solid training on the course.  There’s been lots of chatter about how hard this route will be and, well, we tend to agree!!  The bike course is one thing, but the run course tops it off.  I won’t go in to detail as you’ll find lots of forum talk, most of it true, some of it embellished…each to his own.  But, one thing is for sure, make sure you at least drive the course before hand.

We love the area and could easily make this our favorite place in the States so far.  Great pools, great scenery, great riding, AMAZING hiking (which we have yet to take advantage of), epic mountain biking, rock climbing if you want to buff the forearms and calves, nice people, active community…all around awesome so far.  And only one guy gave us the finger while riding (most people honk and wave and give us the thumbs up!) but I think he was actually fingering the 3 guys wearing speedos and compression socks in a pack in front of us.  I empathize with a red-neck feeling some what violated by having to slow down for  3 guys wearing speedos and compression socks in public.

Anyway, some pictures to set the scene:

Happy Wurteles

sunset walk - nice scenery all around

First mile or so of the bike course after leaving the reservoir

The reservoir - bloody cold in early April.

On the way up one of the hills

Looking from where you came to where you're going. It's steep enough, no doubt.

Along the back side of the course...upwards.

View from our camping spot

Some desert wildlife

Coming down a bike path alongside the highway back to town

Cat helping us unpack the trailer


~ by trevorandheather on April 11, 2010.

4 Responses to “Training in St. George”

  1. Serious Hillage!! I love those complementary Avia kits. You two need to ride together everywhere you go or else the full effect is lost!

    You found a horny toad! Very good luck!

    Looks gorgeous.

  2. That’s why I always make sure to only wear speedos and compression socks indoors on the trainer. Dog always gives me the finger though… 🙂 Great pics! Good luck you guys!

  3. Great pics! I’m getting pumped for the race – hope you are too!

  4. Watching live resulted of the race now online, wishing I was there! I am from st g & I am happy you’ve enjoyed your training there. All the best today!!!

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