New kit photo shoot

When I first pulled this new AVIA kit out of the bag and put it on I was a little lost for words that didn’t end with a lisp.  But, now that I’ve had some time to feel it out and strut my stuff in a home grown photo shoot, I quite like it.  It’s wild, bright, and sassy!!  Now to find some room for other logos.

Here’s me doing my best male model impersonation.


~ by trevorandheather on April 1, 2010.

5 Responses to “New kit photo shoot”

  1. Okay, did I miss the catwalk photo? Maybe a pink boa would add just a tad more sass!

    Love the kits, and the humor… have a great race in Utah!

  2. Hahaha, love the “swing” shot! It says, “I’m a pro athlete, but I like to party!” Hahaha, awesome!

  3. Best at IMSG Trevor.

    Keep up the great work –

  4. play this while on the catwalk Trevor 😉

  5. I’m not sure how the locals in Saint George/Hurricane will take to such an outfit. Hell, I’d have to wonder what they’d think here in good, ol’ Sisquoc or Santa Maria. Of course, at the speeds you carry when riding by, all those colors just look like one big blur anyhow.

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