Oceanside 70.3 Race ReportS..with an S

leg icing in the Oceanside RV park pool - as it is being filled

Team Wurtele just did their first triathlon of 2010!! The Oceanside 70.3 with its usual deep field of pro men and women. We’re both quite pleased with the race, even though I (Trevor) didn’t get inside the top 10 (finished 12th), and Heather didn’t finish.  Why would we be happy with that?!

For one, Heather was having a stellar race, right up front with the leaders until a slower Pro Male got involved with 4 of the gals.  Throw a little male ego in there and he kept riding to the front of their group, and had no strength to keep himself there.  An unfortunate call by one of the race referees who should have called out the guy, dinged Heather with a 4 minute stand down after the bike.  So, 3rd off the bike and in the mix, out on to the run well back and demoralized.  She ran strong through one lap and called it a day to save the previously injured leg a bit of trauma on all the concrete.  She knows she’s strong – a great thing 5 weeks out from Ironman St. George, Utah.  On top of that, she went in with only the 4 days easy after some crazy Ironman training.  Things are looking good for 1 month down the road. We were pouring over the results, looking for some consolation, and she would have had the fastest bike split, but Angela Naeth, our training partner in Solvang over the winter got her by 20 seconds! Nice work Angela!  We are all racing on Rolf Prima Wheels by the way.  You should get some 🙂

I was in a pretty similar training situation.  I’m super fit and strong, having laid down lots of long steady training, but none of the harder efforts inherent with a race of this distance.  All said, I’m happy with my race today.  I was able to go hard the entire day, and only really felt some weakness in the last 5 miles of the bike when the guys I was riding with put down the hammer.  On to the run I was feeling good, really running hard and well, but just not quite able to reach that suffer zone that some higher intensity training would have got me too.  With Ironman St. George 1 month away I am really happy with today’s race.  And FINALLY, no stomach issues!!! Thanks to First Endurance for that – your products are the best. It is pretty cool to be able to race strong without a million things taped to your bike! The calories and electrolytes in the EFS drink and the EFS Liquid Shot keep you feeling so good…

Nutrition report should you be interested:


Gluten free Mesa Sunrise cereal with Almond Breeze regular almond milk. Heather had a fresh strawberry and a banana on hers, I had a banana and raisins.  Coffee.

EFS drink to sip on before the swim start – Trevor also had a bit of EFS bar 20′ before the start.  We have yet to try ‘Pre Race’…maybe next time.

On the bike: 2 bottles of EFS drink – 1 mixed to be a bit more concentrated with ~250 calories/bottle, another at 150 calories. We both had these, and a flask of EFS liquid shot (400 Calories), and grabbed one bottle of Gatorade and one of water from aid stations.

Run: We both held a bottle of EFS liquid shot diluted to half strength (200 calories) and sipped from it, taking water and a bit of gatorade at the aid stations.  Trevor only used up 2/3rds of the diluted liquid shot and had no problems energy wise.

We were so on the ball we even brought some Ultragen powder with us and made a recovery drink after the race. Made a huge difference! Much better than nasty pizza etc. (Though, T apparently snuck in a 2″ square piece of Hawaiian) and we rode back to the RV without even being hungry, angry, or craving salt. Heather also had a banana and water post race.  Sipping on V8 as we write. Now we want coffee and beer.  But, we’ll hold off on the coffee and wait til this evening for the beer.

Post race mess at our concrete camping spot - can you spot the cat?


~ by trevorandheather on March 27, 2010.

3 Responses to “Oceanside 70.3 Race ReportS..with an S”

  1. Great job on the primer race. Sounds like things are better without Ensure, glad you have the nutrition figured out.

    Sorry to hear about the four minutes. Ego dude sounds like a big dud!

    Unless things have changed, last I was in Utah, the coffee shops were not open on Sunday so a post race recovery coffee might have to be home brewed. Have a great race!

  2. This race was a great stepping stone, no matter how you slice it. (Can stepping stones be “sliced”?!). Nice work guys. If I see ego dude I will knock him over before he disrupts another (anothers’) race!


  3. Ego dude should have acted like riding slow was his plan rather than struggle to stay up with the ladies…

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