Victoria BC

Victoria BC is a beautiful place and there are many things that I (Heather) love:

Arbutus trees
Amazingly tasty espresso at 2% Jazz
The soft, flat, 10k run loop (marked every km) around Beaver and Elk Lakes
Trail running at Thetis and long runs on the far end of the Galloping Goose out toward Matheson Lake
The Zone 91.3 radio station and hearing cool new local music
The ongoing history of modern rock with Allen Cross on the above station
Massages from Lysanne Lavigne at Parkway Physio (and any chance to hang out with her in general)
ART from Dr. Michael Maxwell at Back to Back Chiropractic in Colwood
Riding in the Highlands
All the little “mountains” scattered about town (Doug, Tolmie, The Observatory etc.) that give great views of the city and ocean and are fun little kickers to run/ride up
Swimming at 50m Crystal Pool with the VELCA long-course group and getting my ass kicked in the water, by a super-cool, friendly, supportive group of folks (and having National Team swimmers in the lane beside pass me like it’s nothing when I am swimming max effort)
Seeing tons of people out exercising all the time
Lots of road race, trail run, triathlon events
Italissimo Pesto from Market on Millstream (best basil pesto ever)
Strolling around the inner-harbour

Cool hole-in-the-wall restaurants all over the place – like the Ethiopian place in Cook street village.
Good, healthy muffins available many many places
Sabri Indian Cuisine
The Lotus Pond vegan restaurant
Rebar Modern Food
Good quality, cheap sushi
Craig-X indoor climbing gym
The ferry

Mural on part of the 55k galloping goose trail

But there are also some things that I hate:

Trying to dodge leash-less dogs and unpredictable children while riding on the Galloping Goose muti-purpose trail
Leap frogging city buses who have to cut into the bike lane every 500m for stops
Sketchy drivers – tis the land of the close cyclist pass, the no-signal right turn, and pulling out of parking spots without looking for non-car objects
Thinking that riding around Beach drive is a good idea -beautiful ocean views – but just getting stressed b/c of all the sketchy drivers
The Zone 91.3 radio station and hearing the same cool new songs over and over and over until you hate them
The fact that you can leave home where it is sunny and warm, ride 45mins, get hailed on and soaked and have the same black cloud and icy wind follow you for the rest of your 4hr ride only to return home to the magical pocket of blue sky – where it is still sunny and warm, and neighbours exclaim “it’s such a lovely day” and wonder why you are soaked and hypothermic.

That no matter what time of year it is, the breeze off of the Pacific is really freaking cold
Traffic – limited land area, more and more people all the time
The triathlete/ roady divide and non-wavers/nodders/’hey it’s cool that your out on a bike” -ers
Feeling very sad/guilty every time I go downtown because of all the homeless people
Almost bailing on icy wooden bridges
The fact that the only good weekend, non-club, lane swim times at Crystal Pool are at 6 am
The ferry


~ by trevorandheather on March 13, 2010.

2 Responses to “Victoria BC”

  1. beats the hell out of -40 ft nelson in december

  2. You can say that again. Trevor was rubbing in the fact that he got a sunburn down in CA a few days ago though…

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