Mixed bag

Clear and chilly. Long hill run on back side of Figueroa.

The past 3 weeks have been a real mixed bag of something.  Kinda like your trick-or-treat bag as a kid; some of it’s awesome, some of it is just plain crap.

The awesome (full on chocloate bars, gum, ho-ho’s): Trail race outside of San Luis Obispo was awesome (akin to getting a tub of Breyers ice cream in your trick or treat bag).  Watching team Canada play Germany in Ice Hockey at the Olympics was awesome (full on chocolate bar excitement level). Enjoying some fun trail running on the North Shore (gum that your sister didn’t get in her bag).  Coming back to California and enjoying some nice bike rides with Heather before her trip back to Canada (worth the whole bag).

The ‘just plain crap’ (home made candy, toffee, broken suckers, tootsie rolls): Number 1 on my ‘just plain crap’ list was how sore I was after that trail race (hard, inedible toffee that takes up half your bag).  Getting sick shortly after flying back from Canada (akin to home-made candy apple wrapped in celophane). Heather being gone for 3 weeks after I was gone for 1 (having a bully steel your whole bag of candy).

As Clay Davis from The Wire would say: Sheeeeeeeeeiiiittt

That about sums up the past 3 weeks.   Basically, you gotta take the good with the bad if you want any of the good.  All said, about 3 weeks of pretty craptastic training, but WOW do I feel good now.  The trip up North was planned, the sickness was not.  But, I’ll be damned if that extra week of laying low hasn’t got me feeling stronger and fresher already.  It could work perfectly for Ironman  St. George on May 1st, but not so ideal for Oceanside only 2.5 weeks away.  Oceanside was never an A race, but now it’s most definitely going to be used as a ‘whatever’ race.  Even so, I’m looking forward to seeing where I stand after some incredible training since December.

Wednesday this week was really the first day out training, since being sick, where I felt confidence seeping back in to my soul.  It’s amazing how weak you can get when you’re sick.  Sunday, 3 days before, I couldn’t even make it 400m around a track at a 10′ mile pace without seeing HR’s of 150.  Today, running hard well below that HR was so much fun, and so easy.  Funny enough, there was a guy running on the track with Army boots and massive ankle weights that was lapping me on my sick day.  He was a Grade A Tool.  Every 30 seconds he would let out a roar as if he was bench pressing 300 lbs.  I finally had to give him the ‘What the F**& are you doing” stare so he would stop embarrassing himself.  With an infield full of soccer moms it was hardly appropriate.  If an Affliction T-shirt was any sign, he would be a fledgling knuckle head fighter.

This coming Saturday is the Solvang Century ride.  It’s a massive event, I’d have to say close to a couple thousand people (maybe more) take part.  I’ll be turning it into an Ironman’esque’ day with a hard swim before hand, steady 110 mile ride with what will turn into hundreds of ‘cling-on bitches’, then a short hard run to finish off the day.  Really looking forward to putting my new nutrition strategy to the test.  I’m doing it to a T, right down to pre race meals.  There will be no screwing up this year come Ironman day.

Side note: Thanks to Coach CV for the awesome pics and the KLR 650 motorbike support. No better way to run long!!


~ by trevorandheather on March 11, 2010.

4 Responses to “Mixed bag”

  1. Nice analogy.

  2. I was watching my friend run a 50k this past weekend and I think I saw “Mr. Army Boots'” brother. The course was a 5k loop and every time this d-bag came around he’s screaming and cursing at the top of his lungs. Total psychopath. I was like, “Wtf??? There are little kids running around everywhere.” I think this guy cam in dead last so at least there’s some satisfaction in that:).

  3. I hope things stay on the up and up for ya.. Yikes, sounds like a guy I wouldnt want to “run” into on the track..

  4. Turns out there’s actually well over 5000 people in today’s Solvang Century. I do remember last year, started at 8:30 (some start before 7:00), then we literally never saw a clear stretch of road for 4.5hrs of hard riding. Head up for strays!

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