First Endurance makes me happy

From our presentation to the Solvang Tri Club

Wednesday this week:  Trevor was flying back from visiting family and catching some of the Olympics in Vancouver;  I was rocking out an 8 hour training day in the best mood ever! Seriously, I had happy goggles on. Nothing could phase me. And this got me to thinking… When do I get grumpy? When I am low on calories, or when my electrolyte balance is off (Trevor and I both notice that we get quite irrationally angry when we need salt). So, First Endurance quite literally makes me happy!! I am fueled and hydrated properly and I can keep training hard day after day and be in a good mood doing it!

Wednesday was actually ridiculous. The last part of this road that I ride frequently called Foxen Canyon (heading toward Los Olivos) is an extremely rough, nasty mix of chunky broken asphalt, divots and potholes that usually has me dropping the f-bomb at least once and feeling sorry for my wrists. I rode the last half of my ride, after some hard hill repeats up Drum Canyon, on a near flat tire (which I was too happy to notice) and managed to ride this section in the aero position. I was like “oh, this isn’t so bad. Geepers why does it normally piss me off? Zippity do da, zippity yay…”.  Ha ha.

Anyway here was my day on Wednesday and how I fueled throughout:


2 kiwi’s, Mesa Sunrise gluten free cereal with raisins and walnuts, Optygem HP and my Endurance MultiV

5800 y swim with a main set of 3 x 1200 on 16:00 – steady aerobic pace ~ :45 ri.  EFS mild grape drink on deck

Fruit punch Ultragen in a water bottle immediately after my swim – ride home

Avocado and tomato on gluten free bread, orange – out for my ride w/in an hour

4 hr, 105k ride with 4 decreasing time (increasing effort) intervals up Drum Canyon (from the Los Alamos side after climbing from the Buelton side) – did the last interval as a max effort climb in a time of 9:35 max HR of 174 bpm.

I had 2 bottles of EFS drink and one bottle of water, then I stopped at a fountain after the repeats to make another 2 bottles of EFS drink (brought the powder in a little baggy). I also had 1 EFS bar which I ate in little peices from about 1:30 to 2:45 in, and towards the end of the ride I had 2 separate slurps of EFS liquid shot.

Once I  got home I made another bottle of Ultragen which I drank half of while riding easy to the Y for my transition workout. There I ran hard on the treadmill with lots of uphill intervals for 45min and had more EFS drink during. This was followed by a 800m easy swim to loosen up and stretch,  and the rest of my Ultragen.

After a long hot shower I had a bunch of sunflower seeds and a V8 and rode home – still feeling awesome and not ready to chew arm off in hunger. Had a nice dinner of salmon, quinoa and spinach salad and tried to stay awake until 9:30 pm when I had to go get Trevor at the airport.

It was a fantastic training day with no bonking, no gastric distress and I was insanely happy all day! Thanks First Endurance!

Thanks for the kick-ass ride kit too!!  Trevor looking studly…


~ by trevorandheather on February 28, 2010.

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