First week of February

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This time last year we had only just quit our jobs.  Comparing training logs from January 2009 to January 2010 is pretty amazing.  More than double of everything this year.  There is definitely a bit of fatigue sitting in the body right now.  I (Trev) went over the edge a bit late last week and promptly took 3 days off, which thankfully brought me back to life.  Heather is coming to the point of needing a few of those days herself.  She’s currently caught in that training area where you don’t feel you’ve been doing enough to warrant  day off, but you also can’t bring it together for a good block of training.  When that happens – definitely take the time off.  By the looks of it she’ll be good for a solid day tomorrow, then take 2 days totally off to recharge the batteries and get a few things sorted.  Unfortunately there are no ‘personal days’ in the life of a pro triathlete (or are all of them personal days?)

Sunday will be a tough day with a 25km trail race over the seaside mountains of San Luis Obispo county.  Nothing insane, and by the looks of the trails (photos) most of it will be fairly manicured.  Having said that, I’ve probably just damned us for a rugged day of single-track racing.  It will be a great leg burner no matter how hilly and rocky it ends up being.  I’m planning to lay down some hurt, but am pretty clueless as to how my legs will respond on two big climbs and two long descents.  I’ve done a grand total of 40 minutes of off road hill running in the last 3 months.  All of it today during a 2hr outing.  I seem to be pretty bomb proof on any other terrain and have managed many (bordering on excessive??) 2.5hr runs with very limited fatigue (something unheard of last year), but long downhill runs can be absolute torcher on the quads.

Post race we’re lining up Avila Hot Springs for a soak in some warm water.  Hot tubs are ridiculously hard to come by in California, I’ve never, ever, seen a rec center that has one.  Not that I frequent every single rec center in California, but I’ve been to at least 4.  If there was a rec center in Canada without a hot tub I can almost guarantee you that place would be torched a burned within 2 weeks.  Yes, we tend to torch and burn things in Canada.  Especially after a good Timmy Ho’s run.

In other news – I am heading up to Vancouver for 8 days next week.  I’ll be going without my bike, just a carry on with running shoes and some goggles.  I’m looking forward to the trip, honestly.  I wish Heather was coming as well, but alas, our needy cat has to be attended to.   She also already made a trip up to Victoria in December.  Should be chaos, I hope I don’t get overwhelmed by the crowds.  Heading into Vancouver after 4 months on the road and seeing very few people on a day to day basis would be a shock to the system even without the extra 2 million people crowding in for the Olympics.  I hope they haven’t closed the hot tubs!!! That would really suck.

~ by trevorandheather on February 10, 2010.

3 Responses to “First week of February”

  1. Tim Horton’s is the best thing on planet earth! I was in Toronto for a wedding this past July and had it for the first time. In the course of a week I must have gone there at least a dozen times. Unbelievable!!! What do you guys put in that stuff? I’m so jealous we don’t have them in the states. I was also impressed that there is actually a place in Canada called “The Beer Store”. Not to mention it was nicer than any beverage center that I’ve ever been to here! Between Tim Horton’s and The Beer Store, Canada might just be my favorite place in the world:).
    Good luck in the 25k!


  2. We have The Beer store because our government strictly controls who is allowed to sell alcohol. While it’s a great place to get pretty much any beer that you like, the lack of competition means that we pay higher prices for our beer.

    It’s not all it’s cracked up to be.

  3. in the PROcess of torching the recreation centre would you be playing fiddle and drinking screech. Or would only jonathan be doing that? Mind you i missed out on being a canuckistanian by only 2 days. DAMNIT MOM!!!!!!!

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