A solid two weeks

I think those pictures Heather put up last week may have inspired some hate.  From Ma-Nature anyway.  We’re getting hammered with rain now!  Sorry Ma-Nature, but we still win, we’ve got a rest day or two…perhaps even three.  The last two weeks have been awesome, a great mix of volume, effort, and suffering.  Though, really we don’t suffer in a bad sense, we suffer by desire and it feels so damn good.  Nothing lung shattering (other than in the pool), just a great mix of long days and well timed efforts.  Everything was going so well up until this past Saturday where Heather and I both hit a massive wall out on the bike.  It was really one of those days where no amount of mental tenacity could see us through a solid workout(Read – max effort sprint and 130 HR), so we packed it in early.  I rate it as one of the worst days I’ve had on a bike in years, and it had nothing to do with bonking.  It was just outright fatigue.  Amazingly enough Heather and I both had an amazing day 17 hrs later – a 10 mile aerobic run test on the track in the morning, then a second run in the afternoon followed by a light swim.  Yep, 10 miles (16 km on the TRACK).  Plus a 3 mile warm up and 1 mile cool down.  I like that stuff though, especially when it goes well.  Which it did on Sunday, I’ve never ran faster at that heart rate (150BPM).  Ever.  The first two miles were done in under 6′ pace, the last two miles were done in 6:25 pace.  Overall time for 10 miles was 1:02:13 for an avg pace of 6:13 per mile at an aerobic heart rate of 150 BPM.  Only 45″ slower (per mile) than Mark Allen at his best! Sadly, that’s a lot!! Ridiculous actually.

You'd think we were actually under water by this shot

Heather was ripping it up as well.  It wasn’t the fastest she’s ever gone, but her pace slow-down over 9 miles was only 15 seconds.  Totally amazing. That’s something that is hard to train and really what makes the difference for an Ironman marathon.

As the routine for the past 2 weeks has seen us waking up at 6:15 most mornings, it was so very unfortunate that I was only able to sleep in until 7:00 this morning.  I feel robbed.  Those darn roosters across the way, wholly crap, they don’t shut up.  4:30am until 8:00 at night.  Why?  Do all roosters do that ALLLLL day?  Ear plugs tonight.

Lazy day today, tomorrow will be a trip up to Trader Joe’s and Costco to restock the RV for the next two weeks.  Great thing about driving your home is you can literally unload your shopping cart directly into your fridge and cupboards.  Deluxe.


~ by trevorandheather on January 18, 2010.

2 Responses to “A solid two weeks”

  1. Great thing about driving your home is you can literally unload your shopping cart directly into your fridge and cupboards.

    +++ That’s actually really awesome.

  2. Hey H&T!

    I just ordered the First Endurance Ultragen and Energy drink!! Heather, I’m one of those super sweater types as well, and sodium tabs bother my tummy, so your experience as one of the sweater club sold me!
    ps-doing my first 1/2 Ironman in June! Yippee!!!

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