Not trying to rub it in, but look at these photos!

I (Heather) have to pinch myself regularly down here in Solvang, CA. It is JANUARY and I am putting sunscreen on my face and getting knee-warmer tan lines. I only wear the knee warmers b/c I don’t want to make people too jealous in all the photos! Actually, it can be quite cool in the mornings, but the whole – warming up to over 20 oC by noon- thing is pretty awesome!!

We have been killing it so far this year, training wise. My leg (officially the adductor magnus insertion – alternatively called my butt, hamstring, hip, leg by CV and ‘crotchal area’ by my tactful husband- I realize ‘adductor magnus insertion’ is a mouthful) is almost back to 100%. I changed my bike position a bit, and have been doing an awesome series of strengthening and lateral stability exercises.

Anyway, 1:30, 11.5 mile runs on pavement? Check.  8 mile MAF tests on the track comfortably holding 7:20’s at 145 bpm. Check. 5hr rides with most of it at IM threshold –  chasing Trevor until my HR gets too high. Check. Over 30 hrs of very solid training last week. Check.

Da bomb!

This morning we had a long hard swim, and I felt fantastic in the water.  I should be a lot more tired right now, and I really think that First Endurance has been a huge factor in my ability to train so hard, well, so much at least (mostly long aerobic stuff) and to recover so well. I have a very high sweat rate and the electrolyte contents of both the EFS sport drink and the Ultragen recovery drink are properly replacing what I am loosing, for once.  I also think that EFS grape is totally the bomb, on deck, at the pool. You can grab a quick swig in the 10 sec rest interval during a hard set and not worry about evil throat scorbies making it impossible to breath afterwards. Throat cloggage while swimming is the worst!!

Speaking of swimming, Chuckie wrote a good post about one we did the other day here. No Carlos V bar for me today, even though I cruised through the main set of 500, 2×400, 3×300, 4×200, 5×100 set like nobodies business. It is really great to have my husband to race, and sometimes beat (ahem, like today) in the pool. He has a great sense of pacing in the water and always forces me to stay strong when I see him creeping up at the end (assuming I’m not already staring at his butt). The Santa Ynez Y is usually so quiet we each get our own lane!

This afternoon we had an easy 2 hr photo spin on tap. We cruised through the gorgeous, rolling, oak and vineyard covered hills and snapped away while riding – classic Wurtele style.  Life is pretty good. Yes indeedy.

this was from Tuesday - post hill repeats


~ by trevorandheather on January 14, 2010.

3 Responses to “Not trying to rub it in, but look at these photos!”

  1. love that blue sky. i am jealous

  2. NICE TRY!!???

  3. aaaahhh. so jealous, its high 30 ‘s Fahrenheit and raining all week. Looks like paradise this time of the year! Grape EFS is da bomb!

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